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Monday, July 31, 2023

Greedy Da 554 Boy (@GreedyDa554Boy) - INVOLVED

"Greedy Da 554 Boy" is back with a fresh Animated Visual, this joint is called " Involved ", So turn the volume up all the way up and enjoy the new video, Stay updated with Greedy and the "FREE THE BRO'S" movement via ( tap in with Greedy via IG/Twitter @GreedyDa554Boy

Young Nero - Smoke (Video)

Prepare to be blown away as Chicago's very own Young Nero drops his scintillating new single, "Smoke." With its irresistible 808 and eerie violin back up and captivating lyrics, "Smoke" is set to be on repeat on anyone’s playlist. The track showcases Young Nero's exceptional talent and reaffirms his position as one of the city's most promising artists.

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Meet James The Staffer: CEO, Community Leader & Corporate Career Coach


James Weathered, also known as James The Staffer, is a community leader from the Dallas/ Fort Worth area that supports individuals looking to make a career move into the corporate scene. James The Staffer has been featured in many magazine’s and online platforms since launching his career as CEO of Direct Placement Apartment Staffing in 2015. The native Texan is responsible for the support of over 2,543 Americans starting new careers in a challenged job market.

James The Staffer revealed a name change to Wikipedia in early July to be known as James The Staffer as a way to encourage a younger crowd of people to have interest in corporate jobs. The serial entrepreneur owns and manages 3 successful companies with a net worth of $5.7 million in assets. NOW AINT THAT HIP HOP


Saturday, July 29, 2023

Actor/Emcee Mustafa Shakir drops pre-order for "A Harlem Boi Biopic"

Step into the world of MC Mustafa Shakir as he transports you back to the vibrant summers of 90s Harlem in his latest cinematic masterpiece, "A Harlem Boi Biopic." The follow-up to his 2019 album, "Masterpeace Theater."

Prepare yourself for an immersive autobiographical audio journey that delves into the raw tales of Mustafa's tumultuous youth, captivating self-reflection, and the complexities of mental health within the Black community. All of this is expertly woven together over a backdrop of the new-era Boom Bap production skillfully crafted by Goldfingz with features by India Arie & D1.

The cinematic experience within his music reflects his presence in film and television. You may already be familiar with his roles in Luke Cage as "Bushmaster," Cowboy Bebop as "Jet Black," or alongside Will Smith in Emancipation as "André Cailloux." As an MC, he has collaborated with Pete Rock9th Wonder, and Mark Batson.

Mustafa Shakir's "A Harlem Boi Biopic" drops on August 28th via iBreakrecords & Calm Bomb Collective.

Friday, July 28, 2023

A.T.L.D.V. Heats Up The Charts With Latest Single "Get Money"


Augusta GA’s own A.T.L.D.V. recently dropped their highly anticipated 15 track studio album release’ The Future of R&B Bands Vol. 2.

A.T.L.D.V. who is the 1st R&B band to enter the Urban Mainstream Radio Most Added charts in 2023 (at #2 in it’s first week) recently dropped their latest single' Get Money. The single was released via The Orchard and added to the official Orchard/Radial YouTube channel earlier this month.

For those who are discovering the group for the first time, A.T.L.D.V. Is the perfect marriage of R&B & Hip-Hop sharing both male and female artistic views all on one album’ The Future of R&B Bands Vol. 2. Amy Christine, Nako Devincci & Ike Nyce all embody the love of R&B & Hip-Hop as well as their very own unique way they approach each and every recording.

A.T.L.D.V. is the 1st R&B Hip-Hop band to release a full length album in 2023 and the 1st since The Fugees to enter the top 100 Urban Mainstream Radio charts in over a decade as a trio with a full body of work that embodies R&B & Hip-Hop throughout the entire project.

Not since Lucy Pearl, The Fugees or other legacy acts such as Chic, S.O.S. Band and Midnight Starr has there been a band in the era to write and record a full length project with such equal male and female contributions (sharing lead vocals on the entire album).

On the current single Get Money, A.T.L.D.V. found a way to bring their own style to the song while giving off a truly multi generational vibe that will surely capture anyone who loves to get that money and get motivated off the music.

Giving homage to many great R&B bands that came before them, A.T.L.D.V. has taken elements from all of the greats while leading this genre into the new era in R&B bands while masterfully blending elements of R&B and Hip-Hop on the brand new project.

Be on the lookout for new music video’s to drop in support of the recently released album as A.T.L.D.V. are gearing up for nothing but more major moves ahead.

Stream/Download the album here

Follow A.T.L.D.V.

Dredloc Esco - "See Me Ballin"


Florida rapper Dredloc Esco presents "See Me Ballin", his new single produced by Sychro. The St. Petersburg native has three albums under his belt including PaycationCut 2 Deep with Yo Simi, and Color Blind Chopped Not Slopped with OG Ron C. Esco also recently released visuals for his single "Addresses" featuring Cotton Eye Joe (watch on Youtube). "There's just so much hate towards successful people," Esco says about his new single. "I just wanted people to pray and wish people better instead of hating."

Willin & Maddie (aka Lord Willin & Madeline Hogan) - Is It? (Video) (prod. by John Solinas)

"Is It?" is the debut music video & single from the new duo of Lord Willin and Madeline Hogan aka "Willin & Maddie." The duo is an eclectic mixture of Hip-Hop, Blues, Soul, Rock & Country. On this lead single they enlist decorated producer John Solinas with director Tony Bizz giving the song a fitting realistic visual treatment. Check it out now on all platforms!

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Bridging the Divide: Croxxings' Unique Approach to Breaking Down Music Industry Barriers


As an independent music artist, you're always looking for ways to make your mark in the industry. If you want to get noticed and build a loyal fanbase, look no further than Croxxings. This innovative platform is disrupting the music scene with its global reach and commitment to showcasing the best in hip-hop, rap, and R&B.

With its cutting-edge technology, Croxxings delivers an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you're a diehard fan or just discovering new artists, you can enjoy top-quality video and sound that makes you feel like you're right there in the crowd. It's never been easier to stay up-to-date with the latest concerts and performances, all from the comfort of your own home.

But Croxxings isn't just about entertainment - it's about supporting independent artists and helping them succeed. With a range of high-tech marketing strategies and paid promotions, Croxxings goes above and beyond to get your music heard by a global audience. From creating customized campaigns to connecting you with other industry professionals, they're committed to helping you make your mark in the world of hip-hop, rap, trap, and R&B.

Whether you're a rising star or an established performer, Croxxings is the perfect way to elevate your career. With major acts like Sha Ek and Central Cee already on board, you'll be in good company. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded musicians, build a supportive community, and collaborate like never before. So why wait? Join the Croxxings community today and start making your music dreams a reality. 

Global Music Connect: Enhance Your Exposure and Expand Your Fanbase

At Croxxings, the mission is more than just music—it's a cultural revolution. The platform connects music enthusiasts globally, creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can come together to express their love for music. 

Croxxings goes beyond community building and is committed to supporting independent hip-hop, rap, and R&B artists, helping them gain worldwide acclaim. The CEO & Media Manager provide expert guidance on advanced music marketing strategies, paid promotions, and live event coverage, ensuring that artists have the necessary tools to be successful. 

Croxxings' innovative approach to artist promotion and community development makes it a leader in the music industry. With personalized services and state-of-the-art technology, artists can thrive, even in a competitive field. 

If you're an independent hip-hop, rap, or R&B artist, looking for a global platform to propel your career to the next level, look no further than Croxxings. 

They'll offer you vital support, expand your reach, and connect you with a diverse and supportive community of music lovers. Contact them today to explore how they can elevate your music career!

LovelyOcean feat. J. Antoinette - Soft

As often as life seems hard, Southern California artist LovelyOcean shares love with her new single, SoftBest known for her creativity and artistry, LovelyOcean continues to deliver with Soft, which includes a feature from J. AntoinetteThe song is a much-needed dose of softness, as the name implies, with LovelyOcean reminding us all that it's okay to seek joy, happiness, and the finer things in life. Set over a calming and joyous production, Soft reminds listeners about the importance of realizing your self-worth and manifesting abundance. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Vibrant Dallas Raptress Tainted Tazz Drops Anticipated Debut EP "The Commencement" Via R&S Records

Her freshman release includes the radio-friendly hit singles "Hit List" and "Tazzios Freestyle"

Multi-talented Dallas, TX raptress Tainted Tazz unveils her highly anticipated debut EP, "The Commencement," via iconic UK powerhouse label R&S Records.

On "The Commencement," the rising 21-year-old artist illustrates her deft balance of catchy hooks, blistering beats, and powerful wordplay. The skillful Texas lyricist leans into the pulsating production with remarkable verses punctuated by her dynamic tone. Tainted Tazz's vocals perfectly accentuate the intriguing beats on her eagerly awaited debut EP.

When asked about "The Commencement," Tainted Tazz explained: "I'm about being real. That's all I know how to do! It's all about living life, and verbally articulating how you feel. I'm an artist, the music is the artwork, and life is the inspiration. I capture feelings and moments with words."

Spearheaded by the blazing lead single, "Hit List," which received more than 100K views on YouTube, and followed by the BBC Radio praised sophomore drop, "Tazzios Freestyle," Tainted Tazz's debut EP will raise eyebrows from coast to coast and beyond.

Known in her inner circles as "The Lyrical Miracle," Tainted Tazz has been honing her skills and musical chops since an early age, perfecting her craft ever since to become a household name in the music industry.

Tainted Tazz's unbreakable bars with unpredictable melodies are placing her in a lane of her own on the way towards a mainstream breakthrough at full speed with the help of R&S Records. A testament to her musical acumen, with "The Commencement," Tainted Tazz will cement herself as one of the most captivating artists to watch in the urban music industry as she builds her musical legacy one track at a time.

Press play and stream Tainted Tazz's debut EP, "The Commencement," on all platforms.



Monday, July 24, 2023

Marco Da Kid (@marcodakid) - "Benihana" (Video)

Just a average day in East Atlanta zone 6 Marcodakidd throws a block party, no head's up just out the blue and the turn out was lit ASF don't take my word press play and check it out!! For ya selves then go hit him up via Twitter @marcodakidd IG @BIGKIDLMG

CuZzo x Chromatics - "AhWoo"


"UrbnVibes" on your YouTube channel, an extraordinary fusion of music, animation, and captivating storytelling. Dive into the fascinating story and history of CuZzo, an immensely talented turntablist and producer who embarked on a remarkable journey shaped by his deep love and passion for music.


Sunday, July 23, 2023

LongLiveCzar - "In My Bag" (Video)


Los Angeles rapper LongLiveCzar presents the self-directed music video for "In My Bag", the Keyel-produced single from his forthcoming album Man On Fire (#MOF). Directed by Czar and shot by C4, the new video comes on the heels of visuals for previous single "Sicario (iLike It Like That)" (watch on Youtube). Czar brings honed penmanship from his experience as a writer on hits for the likes of Omarion on songs like “I’m Up”, “Summer in The Winter”, “Tell Me” and “Post To Be”. The South central native is also a former dancer and choreographer best known for his choreography and judging on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance as well as his role in the 2005 krumping documentary Rize. He has worked with Madonna, Missy Elliot, Usher and Chris Brown, to name just a few. Czar says his new track is about "being in the state of flow. That special pocket where no matter what you're doing, the execution is masterful, effortless and automatic because you're completely in sync with the universe. It's the apex of swagg!" "In My Bag" is out now on CZARMUZIK/Foundation Media.

Empuls, Atmosphere, Copywrite & Bobby J From Rockaway - Prized Horse (Remix) prod. by Kount Fif

"One evening, an old tribal elder told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, fear, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, bravery, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Each day, a decision is made by all of us, you can feed the wolf your fears, or feed the wolf your faith. Kount Fif made his decision - facing the fear many of us face - falling from a perfectly good airplane in the new visuals for his "Prized Horse" (Remix) featuring the likes of EmpulsSlug (Atmosphere), Copywrite & Bobby J From Rockaway. Pre-Order "D.A.D.O.E.S" (Do Androids Dream Of Electronic Sheep) now via Man Bites Dog Records Bandcamp - 100 copies only!

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Dillyn Troy Drops New Video “Everybody”


Louisiana-based R&B singer/rapper Dillyn Troy first received attention as a social media star, using the video app Vine to both showcase his musical endeavors as well as his perspectives on life. Still just a teenager when he began making music, Troy made solo tracks of moody, trap-heavy R&B/rap hybrids as well as collaborating with Will Got the Juice and Lucas Coly in a group called Diamondz. He graduated from self-released one-off tracks like 2013’s “In the Air” to more defined production on albums like 2017’s Tru Story.

Dillyn Troy was born in Louisiana in 1996 and was making music by his teenage years. Highly active on social media, he used short video clips on Vine to promote both his solo music as well as his collaborative work with the group Diamondz. Some of his earliest self-released tracks came around 2013 when he was sometimes working under the name Lil Teezy. Rough-edged singles like “Grind Time” and “Crazy” eventually developed into more fully fleshed-out productions like the 2017 full-length album Tru Story and 2018 singles “On Me” and “I Know.” He kept the new music coming in the spring of 2018 with an EP entitled Progress. The song “They Can’t” from Progress featured guest vocals from Troy’s longtime friend and collaborator Lucas Coly.

After a brief 3 year Hiatus Dillyn Troy returns to the music scene under this own label “GGBTR Entertainment (GOD Gone Bless The Real)” he signed a partnership/distribution deal with Twenty Two Music Group spearheaded by Dondre Blackmond & Grammy Award winner and music Executive AJ Burton to release his upcoming projects starting with the June 4th, 2023 release “Everybody” Which Dillyn says “Everybody is a track about just being counted out, being a team player at the same time.

You know growing into the music you got so many people around you, but you really the head. but you always stay humble enough to help out the people around you because they have dreams of being an artist or anything dealing with music also. whatever it takes to basically create a team and be a team sport but you also know when you start getting a little more opportunity than them it becomes a situation where they feel like they should have it also. But truthfully don’t you think you should be happy for me because y’all coming along also? once I’m in the door”.


Blo-Money - "Imma Leave This Here"


Blo-Money is an emerging independent hip-hop artist who made his solo professional recording debut in 2021 with the single “In My Bag”. That track introduced a skilled emcee from Detroit with a hard style and a verbose flow. He has released a dozen singles and connected with hip-hop fans around the world with popular tracks like “Amazon Prime ” and “State Lines”, and he entered the new year with 2 hit videos “Woke Up 2 A Play Pt 2” &“Hoop Dreams”. Now Blo-Money has teamed up with fellow Detroit producer RJ Lamont, for a hard-hitting new EP.

Imma Leave This Here is the brand new EP from Blo-Money, released worldwide via all major streaming services on July 14, 2023. The five-song collection is a showcase for the Motor City emcee’s hard-driving lyrical style. The record pairs classic 808 beats and dark cinematic moods with real-life tales of money, women, and life on the streets of his legendary hometown.

The record opens with the ominous minor-key synths and drill freestyle of “WYGK”. Blo-money has a deep and commanding delivery. His powerful vocal performance adds even more weight to his hard rhymes on tracks like “Bitter Hoes”, which also features an impressive freestyle from guest rapper DombeCoolin.
“1 OF THOSE” is an infectious rap anthem with a cinematic production. It works as a nice transition point on the record, as “FUK ON” takes it to the bedroom. Blo-Money and guest rapper LeeLuu trade steamy verses over a hip-hop beat and some classic soul vibes. The record closes with the single “Boyyy Wud U”. Blo-Money drops a braggadocio rap as percussive piano arpeggios ride a funky uptempo 808 beat.

Wrote by Bob smith


IG & Threads: @blo_money_1
Twitter: @blo_money

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

3vd Shares Vibrant New Visual for "My Bad"


3vd has dropped off a new visual for his song “My Bad”, shot by Aesthtx. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and its surrounding areas, 3vd grew up in a house with five other siblings. He began writing when he was only 8 years old and incorporates elements of pop and R&B into his music to create a unique and timeless sound. In addition to writing and performing music, 3vd produces and engineers, something that sets him apart from other rappers his age. “My Bad”, produced by @SavBeats, is a high energy cut with a bouncy feel and charismatic vocals that give the song much replay value. With an energizing vocal performance from 3vd atop invigorating drums, pillowy 808s, and colorful synths, “My Bad” makes for a standout joint from the Ohio artist. The new video, shot by Aesthtx, plays off the song’s retro video game motifs by depicting 3vd giving a charismatic performance in an arcade, equipped with neon lighting. The new video for “My Bad” demonstrates 3vd’s overall creative vision with another cohesive package of captivating rhymes, potent production, and engaging visuals.


Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Help Harlem Duke Hazard be the Opening Act™ at Audacy's Annual We Can Survive Concert


Help Harlem Duke Hazard be the Opening Act™ at Audacy's (formerly annual We Can Survive concert. Please vote online at this link below so he open for a major concert!

Vote here:

Monday, July 17, 2023

Aroly Tariq - "Anthesis"

Award-winning New Zealand songwriter/singer/producer Aroly Tariq presents her self-produced new single "Anthesis", set to appear on her forthcoming EP it'll all make sense one day. The Melbourne-based artist is one half of the duo Audego, and has collaborated with acts such as Funkstörung, Coy Haste (Caribou), Pasobionic ,and Joelistics, garnering her support from the likes of Pigeons and Planes, The Fader, BBC Radio 1 and Triple J. A mellow alt-pop/electronic track that utilizes RnB melodies with gentle trap-inspired beats, "Anthesis" is the Melbourne-based artist's fourth single as a solo artist and producer, which weaves her music with abstract animation, the early genesis of which can be seen on her 2016 video for "Side Effects" (watch on Youtube) following through to her early 2023 release "Perspective" (watch on Youtube). Aroly has performed at festivals such as CMW, St Kilda Fest, Melbourne Music Week and Peats Ridge. Aroly says her new song is about "the blooming that occurs after going through difficult shit. There's a state of gestation that comes from being knocked down, and it may not seem so from the outside looking in, but it's critical for growth. You gotta embrace that difficult shit, learn from it and level up." "Anthesis" is out now on Equity Distribution.

RU Releases a Captivating New Single "All My Fault

RU, known for her ability to connect with audiences on a deep level, has once again delivered a track that resonates with listeners. "All My Fault" is a testament to RU's talent as a songwriter and her ability to craft melodies that linger long after the song has ended.


In addition to RU's exceptional vocal performance, the song benefits from the impeccable production values and meticulous attention to detail that have become hallmarks of RU's music. The layers of instrumental on, from the haunting piano chords to the ethereal electronic elements, create an atmospheric and immersive experience for the audience.


"All My Fault" marks yet another milestone in RU's rapidly growing career. With her previous releases gaining significant attention and positive reviews from both critics and fans alike, RU has established themselves as an artist to watch in the music industry. RU’s ability to translate raw emotion into music that resonates with a wide audience sets her apart from her peers.


Listeners can experience the captivating sounds of "All My Fault" on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Be prepared to embark on a musical journey that will leave you deeply moved and craving more of RU's unique sound.


For more information about RU and their latest release, please visit her official website at RU's Releases . Follow RU on social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to stay updated on news, releases, and upcoming performances.


Follow Ru: @itsruofficial

Friday, July 14, 2023

YB shares potent new album 'Dreams Don't Have Deadlines'


Arkansas-born artist YB has dropped off a fresh new album called Dreams Don't Have Deadlines. YB is what happens when optimism and uplifting content meets melodic trap. He wraps emotional storytelling over hard-hitting 808s and trunk-knocking drums, making for a refreshing blend of sounds and styles. His latest release is the full-length album Dreams Don't Have Deadlines, a potent set of tracks that pair expansive, cinematic soundscapes with introspective, inspiring verses.

Opener "HOSTAGE" sets the tone for the album with its triumphant horns and cathartic rhythm section, gracefully underscoring YB's sharp, raw flows. "MOUNTAINS" introduces a melodic style from YB that makes for a hypnotic and catchy listen, adding much replay value to the song. Album single "PRAYING HANDS" makes for a highlight with its combination of vibrant synth sheets and heavy percussion, paired with charismatic vocals from YB. "PLAY FOR KEEPS" includes vital synths and urgent vocals that crescendo in a torrent of energy, making for an invigorating performance from YB.

With the release of Dreams Don't Have Deadlines, YB continues to transcend the medium with his studio work. Over 10 million streams as an independent artist, and a prolific streak of releases has led to him building much momentum in the underground and beyond. Give his latest release Dreams Don't Have Deadlines a listen below and be sure to connect with YB while you're at it for more soon.

Mass Benji Teams up With Harlem Goat, Jim Jones for New Single,“Adderall”


When it comes to talking to the streets, Mass Benji is the music whisperer, and his new single “Adderall” featuring Jim Jones is a perfect example of why.

Hailing from Wake Forest, NC, rapper Mass Benji is known as The Soulful Street Rapper for his ability to create scenic masterpieces through music that resonates with audiences. His passion for rhyming is used to motivate and bring hope to communities worldwide. Mass Benji has learned the art of music from his family, starting from his great-grandfather on his mother’s side who connects their lineage to the great David Ruffin.

After launching his own record label, Circle of Winners, in 2021, and recently signing a distribution deal with Vamplife/EMPIRE, he has since been on the rise. Now, he is back with a new single releasing on July 7 th titled, “Adderall” featuring the Harlem OG, Jim Jones. Following the audio release will be visuals taking the song to new dimensions on Friday, July 7 th . Mass Benji’s inspiration for the song was to create something for everyday hustlers grinding to realize their dreams no matter if it’s via a 9-5, business, or on Wall Street.

Mass Benji has built a reputation as a lyrical and versatile storyteller that infuses emotions and relatable experiences in his songs, and “Adderall” is no different. With Jim Jones in the mix, it adds the right touch of perfection bringing the track to fruition as they both own the beat like the gifted rappers they are.

“Adderall” is going to be a hit. Mass Benji himself said, “When I recorded the song it felt like a
turning point in my career and I felt the only way to compliment the record was by letting a
legend stamp it,” and sure enough it was stamped and endorsed. Tap into his socials and be
ready for the release of Mass Benji’s new single and music video for “Adderall” featuring Jim

Follow Mass Benji on all social media platforms

Instagram: @MassBenji

Tik Tok: @MassBenji

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Thurgo Kush (@thurgohmmg) - "Obama Runtz"

Veteran hip-hop artist Thurgo Kush is back with an exhilarating new single, “Obama Runtz,” serving as a captivating follow-up to his previous hit, “Live it Up.” This track is the second single from his highly anticipated EP, “Juug Star 3,” set to release this summer.

Continuing his successful collaboration with renowned producer Mercury, “Obama Runtz” showcases Thurgo Kush’s dynamic artistry and lyrical prowess. Mercury’s production prowess shines through, having worked on every song off the upcoming EP. It’s a fitting alignment, as Thurgo Kush, a Gemini, recognizes the synchronicity of the EP being fully produced by Mercury, the ruling planet for Geminis.

“Obama Runtz” is an enthralling experience for listeners, featuring hard-hitting beats and mind-bending bars. Thurgo Kush’s wordplay creates an immersive journey that unravels with each subsequent listen. The song showcases Thurgo Kush’s versatility as an artist and leaves an indelible impression on fans of his unique style.

As a dedicated artist with a growing following, Thurgo Kush invites fans to connect and follow him on social media. Find him on Instagram at @thurgo_hmmg and on Twitter at @thurgohmmg for exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and more.

The title “Obama Runtz” pays homage to Thurgo Kush’s favorite strain of marijuana, reflecting his passion and connection to the culture. Known by the monikers Thurgo or Thurgo Kush, this rising artist continues to push boundaries and deliver music that resonates with listeners on a deeper level.

“Obama Runtz” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated EP, “Juug Star 3,” dropping this summer, which promises to showcase Thurgo Kush’s evolution as an artist and solidify his position in the rap game.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Taz - "Prodigy"


Taz is a 18 year old hip hop artist from Ottawa, Canada who just dropped a new hit single titled “Prodigy”. The talented artist has been making music for just over a year now. He recently received a co-sign from Belly, who is originally from the same city of Ottawa. Check out Taz's new single now and follow him on social media for his latest releases.


Big Spazz - "My Turn"


Upcoming artist Big Spazz has followed his path ever since, creating his music and sound. You can tell his rap style is truly unmatched, and now, with the rapper anticipating the release of an album, he is experiencing some serious momentum. A lover of music from eras before he was even born, he incorporates his inspirations and genuine love for the craft in every project he does.

He has risen to the top of the music industry as one of the most influential Hip Hop artists in the game. His drive and motivation to make something out of nothing has earned him much recognition from his fans.

Being at the top of the game, many fans have been eager to see what the formidable rapper and producer brings to the table in the music world.


Dossi - "Without You"


Cleveland, Ohio R&B singer/songwriter/producer Dossi presents her new single "Without You", produced by husband Earl Minor. Born into music, the Cleveland School Of The Arts graduate was singing for her dad's quartet group by age five, then later as a background singer for her cousin, neo-soul singer Conya Doss, before spending five years years singing, recording and touring the world with soul legends The O'Jays. Now breaking out as a solo artist, Dossi presents "Without You" as a followup to previous single "I Want You" (stream on Spotify). Dossi says "Without You" is about "letting go of anything that can hold you back! The song applies to, family members, addiction, toxic behavior, bad relationships, anything."

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Whoomadethis - "Deep Sea"


Introducing Whoomadethis, a bold and emerging talent from Atlanta, Georgia, who is creating ripples in the musical realm. This aspiring musician distinguishes himself not merely with his unusual pseudonym, but also with his fearless exploration of various music genres. Rather than confining himself within a specific genre, he bravely embraces all, molding a musical signature that is uniquely his own.

Four years into his professional journey in the music industry, Whoomadethis has experienced remarkable growth, both artistically and personally. His musical endeavors serve a dual purpose – they manifest his deep-seated passion for music and also aspire to leave an indelible imprint on the industry, while inspiring his audience, especially his children.

Adopting a mindset akin to the world’s top 1%, rather than aligning with mainstream thought, sets him apart. This attitude nurtures a space for originality and innovation. He skillfully discerns the ever-evolving musical landscape, identifying popular trends yet maintaining his unique identity, a quality he believes is becoming rare in today’s music world.

His initiation into the music industry was spurred by the challenge of becoming a professional producer or artist. This spark, intensified by the birth of his son, fuels his commitment and creativity. His goal to inspire and empower others to achieve their fullest potential is a mission he persistently pursues.

Looking to the future, Whoomadethis envisions being a leading figure in music production, marrying innovative techniques with the traditional essence of music creation. His counsel to budding musicians reflects his own strategy: craft music that deeply resonates with you and facilitates growth, and trust the journey rather than hurrying progress.

Whoomadethis recently unveiled an engaging new single, “Deep Sea”, collaborating with Trey Lawson and Damond Blue. When he felt his album lacked a specific atmosphere, he scheduled another session, aiming to develop a unique sound worth inclusion in his album. The recording process adhered to the principle of letting things unfold naturally, often aided by weed to maintain a relaxed ambiance, devoid of overthinking.

“Deep Sea”, which debuted on March 15, 2023, represents not only a potential step towards mainstream success for Whoomadethis but also a marker of personal growth. The notable lyric by Trey Lawson, “It’s like the Lion is king of the jungle if you don’t grind for it you don’t eat”, encapsulates the themes of ambition, resilience, and survival in the competitive music industry.

When asked about his dream musical collaborations, the Atlanta-born artist demonstrated diverse tastes. Initially, Nipsey Hussle topped his list, followed by Key Glock, and currently, Lil Yachty or Kanye West hold his interest. Prospective collaborations with Big Sean, ASAP Rocky, and Jay-Z for an album also rank high on his list, underlining his unflagging ambitions and commitment to creating exceptional albums.

In closing, Whoomadethis proudly owns the title of certified genius by Oxbridge standards, having skipped multiple grades and enrolled in two different colleges at an early age. As an innovative force in the music industry, Whoomadethis is prepared to leave a lasting mark.

Stream “Deep Sea”

Peter $un Announces Forthcoming EP 3PIECE With Lead Single “MY FAVORITE DRUG" On Red Bull Records/Mind of a Genius


Richmond-to-LA rapper, producer, and songwriter Peter $un today announced his next EP, 3PIECE is set to arrive August 15 via Red Bull Records/Mind of a Genius. Leading with the new single, “My Favorite Drug,” the track sets the tone for summer with its groovy house-inspired beat and Sunny’s signature laid-back flow. It’s a vibe shift from his previous EP, Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety, which saw him process his brother’s passing in a deeply personal and introspective musical journey. Sunny is back and just wants people to let loose. That couldn’t be more clear in the accompanying video where we find him in a desert-fueled fever dream complete with a dance sequence and an off-road car chase. 


Sunny shares, “I feel like coming out of Covid and all the losses we’ve had the past couple years, my music was reflecting that during the time of my EP, ‘Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety’. With the new music, I really wanted to make people feel good and dance. It’s got that funk/house bounce to it. This one is for the house parties, the cook outs, and all that.


3PIECE will mark Sunny’s first body of work in 2023, following a busy year of live performances and forthcoming projects. In April he played to a packed crowd at LA’s famed Roxy alongside YGTUT, and in May he took to Anderson .Paak’s beloved .Paak House event in Ventura. Later this summer, his episode of the popular YouTube series “On Site” will air from the creators at Spring Hill Company, the entertainment development and production company founded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter. The video will debut a special live version of his new song, “Burn Like Fire.” Beyond music, Sunny continues to lean into his passion for painting with his talents on display in the artwork for 3PIECE and more to come.


          3PIECE Tracklist

  1. Burn Like Fire
  2. My Favorite Drug
  3. Perfect Timing


Peter $un commits all of his emotions, thoughts, and truths to tape. He never holds back. The Richmond-born and Los Angeles-based rapper, vocalist, and producer confronts his trauma, discloses his ambitions, and embraces his potential over a soundtrack of future-facing hip-hop laced with eloquent jazz-style instrumentation and filled to the brim with undeniable soul. As a kid, he fell in love with music. Dad worked late and often returned home around midnight. However, he would put a four-year-old Sunny on his chest and listen to jazz on the radio as his son slept. Eventually, mom introduced Sunny to D’Angelo before he discovered Tupac on his own. He initially gravitated to sports, playing basketball and excelling on the baseball field. In high school, a friend recognized he could sing and encouraged him, so he picked up a mic. He gained traction with the 2016 mixtape Paradise Is A Day Away. Joined by producer and longtime collaborator Blue Rondo, he unveiled Don’t Forget To Smile in 2018. The project boasted “Love Drunk Lust (Make It Hard)” [feat. Trip Carter & KnottRudy], raking in 3.9 million Spotify streams and counting. 2021 saw him unveil Scumbaby, including fan favorites “Work” and “Sometimes.” Inciting widespread tastemaker applause, OkayPlayer hailed it as “an introspective exploration of rap fused with jazz and soul,” and KAZI crowned him “a creative music force.” After generating millions of streams and earning acclaim from Ones To Watch, Lyrical Lemonade, DJ Booth, and more, he bleeds without filter on his 2022 EP, Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety [Mind of a Genius Records/Red Bull Records].


Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Tywon Bailey - "Down Wit It"



If you ever wondered what it would sound like is Tank and Ty Dolla Sign did a song together meet Tywon Bailey. Born and raised in Miami, FL he consider to be the 'Will Smith of R&B" due to his clean lyrics and positive vibe.

Apart from the music he is a 17 year Army veteran that has served in 3rd wars. Growing up in the streets Carol City he knew he had to do something different or end up as another statistic. So he join the service and used the Tuition money to pay for his education.

Tywon is a has performed the national anthem at the Miami Heat games, entertained troops overseas and just recently released new EP entitled "The Introduction".






Oj Da Juiceman(@ojdajuiceman32)-Mr. Juice Shot By @kenxljamz Prod By.@kevlarbeatz & @reallouiebandz"

Scrappy - "Lately"


Scrappy is a new hip hop artist from upstate New York who is also an actor and professional model. His debut single "Lately" was released on June 26, 2023. Scrappy is signed to the entertainment company DME WORLD which is based in Tokyo, Japan. DME WORLD is also a well known international concert and tour management company and has produced several major concerts and events in both Japan and the United States. You can check out Scrappy's new song now, available on all major streaming platforms. 

Sunday, July 9, 2023

GGR Repo - "Where You At?"


GGR Repo is a rising artist from West Helena, AR. He just started rapping 6 months ago and is already making waves in the industry! Check out his new hit single "Where You At?" below and follow him on social media for his latest releases. We expect big things from him in 2023!

Goodsir - "Brown Boy Freestyle"


At the center of his world, Goodsir lives and breathes music. Blending melodic beats with silky rap tempos and unapologetic poetic verse, Goodsir’s music bridges dimensions of song and story, making him not only an artist, but an architect of harmony and emotion.

Goodsir’s music strikes with a subtle force, layering stylistic rhythms and beat compositions with cunning lyrical vignettes that really hit different. His music streams into your consciousness like beloved memories, a nostalgic monologue of meticulously crafted cadences. Weaving together timeless themes of romance, success, failure and growth, Goodsir’s vulnerable execution simultaneously reveals his wit and charm—a true reflection of the man behind the mic.

Born and raised an Angeleno, the brazen soul behind Goodsir’s music is Christopher Emilio Grajales. At the ripe age of 12 years old, Christopher began his enduring love affair with music writing songs in his bedroom and teaching himself how to play guitar.

A proud Colombian, Christopher was influenced throughout the early 00’s by an eclectic range of genres including folk, hip-hop, salsa, rock, oldies and R&B. He attributes his coming of age story to the musical peaks and valleys of his youth, from salsa dancing in kitchens with his mother and tias, to discovering true form in legends like Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Hector Lavoe, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Mos Def—and the list goes on.

PuttOn - "Cant Trust"


AsherLaFlame - "Lost Thoughts"


Asher LaFlame is an emerging artist who creates music that reflects the deep emotions he experiences in his life. With a unique blend of rap and R&B, Asher's music is both introspective and relatable, tackling themes such as love, loss, and self-discovery. Growing up, Asher always found solace in music, using it as a way to cope with the challenges that life threw his way. As he honed his craft as an artist, he realized that he had the power to create music that not only helped him deal with his own emotions, but also resonated with others who were going through similar struggles.

With his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Asher LaFlame has quickly gained a loyal following on Spotify and other streaming platforms. His music has been praised for its honesty and vulnerability, as he fearlessly opens up about his own experiences in order to connect with his listeners.

Through his music, Asher LaFlame hopes to inspire others to embrace their own emotions and use them as a source of creativity and healing. With his unique sound and powerful message, he is sure to make a lasting impact on the music industry and beyond.

Young Author - "Tha Hump"


Back with one of the realest freestyles out there, Young Author is popping off for his new single Chicken Dinner: Y.A. is an artist that knows how to entertain. Audience members have described Young Author as “the perfect modern rapper; extremely catchy, and personable,” “the type of celebrity you see yourself being good friends with,” “dope energy with a feel-good vibe,” and “deeper than popular music has ever been”.

Young Author is an artist under Big House LLC, a natural live performer who exudes a love of music. It’s not unusual for the unusual to happen at Young Author’s free-spirited performances—you never know when he’ll bust out a witty sentiment on the state of society, or tell a wild story that has the whole crowd geeking.

Regardless, his music will speak to you like a lifelong friend.

IG: @recordingauthor @officialbighouse

Friday, July 7, 2023

Krohme feat. T-Mo Goodie (Goodie Mob), Money Mogly & Blind Orbits - "GDP" (prod. by Krohme)

A combination of Shoegaze, Jazz, Southern Hip Hop, and Boom-Bap, "GDP" is an eclectic mix of sounds that lays the foundation for a new sub-genre of music crafted by veteran VA-based producer Krohme

T-Mo Goodie of Goodie Mob and Miami-based MC Money Mogly trade verses over the lush production crafted by Krohme & UK-based Shoegaze band, Blind Orbits, that finds guitars, cellos and trumpets weaving through heavy drums and trunk-rattling 808s. GDP isn't a song, it's an experience. Streaming everywhere via Calm Bomb Collective.

Rising Hip-Hop artist and female powerhouse Wowashwow has released her album, "The Algorithm"

Rising hip-hop artist and female powerhouse, Wowashwow, has released her sophomore album, The Algorithm, today. This body of work is a testament to Wowashwow's ability to blend her punk rock heritage, eccentric indie hip-hop vibes, freestyle rap finesse, and a fearless approach to "obliterating the pop formula." The result is a genre-fluid experience that defies categorization. Produced by Sam J Garfield, The Algorithm challenges the premeditated and quantified nature of algorithms that govern online society and social media-crazed humankind, and it seeks to shatter the rules and bring back the magic and essence of art, music, and creativity. Wowashwow elaborates; “I called it The Algorithm because it's such a juxtaposition from my 1st to 2nd album. While creating my 1st album the thought process was, is this going to work for IG Reels or TikTok? I mostly thought about the marketing and how to feed the algorithm. This time around I completely morphed myself away from that and got back to my roots of creating music that makes me happy. Even with the album artwork, I’m half android morphing back into a human. It represents me coming back into who I am as a person, rather than being a person doing anything to stay relevant.” 

Wowashwow has a flare for the theatrical, a freestyling fluency fierce enough to threaten the male-dominated hip-hop scene and brings an “unbridled bravado through no holds barred, unapologetic rhymes.” Standout track “Class Enrollment” came to life during a break in the middle of a studio session. During that time Wowashwow was having a somewhat heated text conversation with an acquaintance, which led her to start doubting her own self worth. In that moment she thought, "Wtf! No! I'm so much more than what this person is reducing me to. And in fact it's time to read this bih for filth. Class is in session.” Track number 4 “You Think This Rap Is About You” was inspired by the Linda Ronstat song, “You're So Vain." Again born in a studio session, Wowashwow wrote this song for every single person in her life who has ever thought they were playing with her heart and emotions, but wound up playing themselves in the long run. 

With the visual surrealism of Missy Elliot, the untamable energy of Tina Turner meets Mick Jagger, and the genre-fluidity reminiscent of Radiohead; our South Jersey/Philly raised visionary is presenting a body of work so profoundly groundbreaking, that it is fragmenting the current set of rules and obliterating the mundane nature of it all. The Algorithm loosely tells the story of a character from another dimension visiting planet Earth, providing a unique perspective on their experience navigating between worlds. It’s a manifesto of authenticity and empathy, reminding us that we are all aliens in a world controlled by the algorithm. The question arises: Who will be the first to crack the code?