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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

DaWreck (@Dawrecks) & Never ft. Alyze - Jealousy & Envy (Video)

Step into the gritty streets of West Side Chicago as "Never" from the platinum group Crucial Conflict and DaWreck from the Hood legendary group Triple Darkness join forces in their latest music video, "Jealousy & Envy." The visuals immerse you in the raw energy of their rhymes, capturing the essence of the city's hip-hop scene. With a powerful collaboration featuring Alyze, the artists paint a vivid picture using their lyrics of the struggles, triumphs and the of jealousy and envy in their journey. 

Get ready for a compelling visual narrative that reflects the heart and soul of Chicago's music culture.

After you peep the new video stay locked in with DaWreck via Instagram @Dawreck & X via @Dawrecks

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Mannydior Captivates Audiences With Opulent Release "Wealth"


Mannydior has caught our attention for his fresh new video for “Wealth”. A potent, catchy track with a dynamic, diverse sound that blends hip-hop, R&B, and more into a sleek combination- “Wealth” further showcases Mannydior’s sound and style. Booming, crystalline production and poignant flows that blend rap dynamism with melodious tinges characterize “Wealth”, as Mannydior shines as a songwriter with his sharp focus. The stylish, engaging new video, directed by Keaton Jones, really draws in the viewer’s attention with its combination of luxurious aesthetics that suit the track’s themes, with Mannydior’s charismatic performance of the song.

To further break down the release of his engaging new offering “Wealth”, as well as share details about his musical origins and inspirations, Mannydior answered a series of interview questions:

What first inspired you to pursue music?

Music for me started in high school by just messing around with some friends at a home studio set up. It then progressed to an interest that i wanted to explore. Went to college and studied audio production and engineering and then evolved into an artist. 

What’s your creative process like?

It just depends on how im feeling or the mood. Typically, i like to record by myself and take my time. Usually when i hear a beat that i like, i can draw out melodies in my head pretty quickly. 

How has your music evolved over time?

As im still evolving, ive came a long way from where i started, from just starting to learn how to use my voice to my max potential, to lyrics and over all cadence and flows. Also learning how to show emotion and make more serious tracks that listeners and relate to vs the everyday trap music.

Talk about your inspiration behind “Wealth”

Wealth was a track i recorded pretty quickly and didn’t really think much of until relistening a couple times, I freestyle that song over a beat produced my ‘Prod. Molly’. I really just wanted to record something upbeat and hype that supporters could bop their heads to.

What about inspirations for the music video?

The video was supposed to be kind of a run and gun just all around fun video. Didn’t wanna over do it with a crazy video, because the song kinda speaks for its self.

What was your experience like shooting the music video?

Working with Keaton Jones and his team was a blast, very smooth day and i can say, that wealth isnt the only music video we shot that day.

What is up next for you artistically?

I just wanna build and keep this momentum and make something happen. Try my hardest and keep growing, show people what I’m capable of.

Overall, it’s time to get hip to Mannydior, a rising artist with an infectious, memorable sound. If his latest offering “Wealth” is any indication, there’s lots to be excited about with this versatile newcomer. Be sure to connect with Mannydior on social media platforms to watch for updates regarding new music releases and more.

Stream “Wealth” here:

King Fluchie Releases New Single "I Want More"

I’m King Fluchie, Florida artist out of manatee county, I have great potential to be a rising star, hopefully one day everybody’s favorite artist. Time will tell, but I would definitely appreciate it to the fullest if you all gave my music a listen and judge for yourself if I can be on your playlist, I have nice sound, great lyrics, everything is from the heart. I hope you all enjoy and hope to see you all on my journey, stay with me on social media.


YouTube: King Fluchie 
Snapchat: Fluchie 
Facebook: Damas Raymond 
Twitter: KingFluchie 
Instagram: King_fluchie 

Dilla Drops New Single "Before The Storm"

Coming from the underground, rising artist Dilla releases his anticipated debut single titled "Before The Storm". A hard hitting beat with hard hitting lyrics, highlighting the grit, determination and hustle of getting to the top. Check it out below and follow Dilla on social media for his latest releases. 


Instagram - @Dilla_babyyy
Spotify - Dilla

Monday, February 26, 2024

Badnews - "In Too Deep" (Video)

Fresh off his appearance in Netflix series 'Rhythm + Flow featuring judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. search for the next breakout hip-hop star. Newly signed to American rapper and member of East Coast hip hop group the Diplomats Juelz Santana independent label I Can't Feel My Face (ICFMF) & K.M.G Syracuse, New York artist Baddnews releases music off his EP project "Therapy" out now on all digital streaming platforms. Go listen now! Go watch Baddnews x In Too Deep official music video out now. Request Baddnews at your local radio station.

Mikahl Anthony Releases Double side single “Space Blue/Deep ‘Ain’t it”

Today the visionary artist and filmmaker Mikahl Anthony launches the hotly anticipated release of the multi-personnel driven ‘MUSE’ album with the precursor donut. ‘Space Blue’ and ‘Deep Ain’t It’ typify the breadth of style and sound to be found on the forthcoming long player.

 This one hits a nostalgic vibe with its Sun Ra grounding, modern, spacey undertones, Marvin Gaye-inspired musicality, Lil Wayne textures, soothing qualities of Erykah Badu, and throws in a bit of André 3000 swagger.   It serves as a profound reflection on deep connections, whether through intentional meetings or chance encounters. "Space Blue/Deep Ain't It" is a sonic masterpiece that transcends conventional expectations, leaving listeners in awe of its depth and complexity. This enigmatic musician, lets the music take centre stage, revealing a kaleidoscopic tapestry of sound across soulful hip hop, funk, jazz, and afrobeat spectrums.

 “Space Blue” is Produced by Nico “Donnie Trumpet” Segal - Grammy Award recipient (Producer) ~ Coloring Book 2016, a Grammy Award nominee (Producer) ~ ‘Ultralight Beam’ - (Kanye West) and Performing Artist with (Frank Ocean Live Tour) 2016. Additional credits include co-production by Mikhal Anthony, and Engineering by Lon Renzel. “Deep ‘Ain’t It” is produced by Renzel x prolific beatmaker Evil Needle.

 A highly sought-after multidisciplinary artist... but who is he??? Hailing from the West side of St. Louis, Missouri, Mikahl Anthony’s sonic roots are spread far across the global Alt-Soul/Hip-Hop scene.

All we know is that he collaborated on a project with Via Rosa (of the soulful electro Duo Drama) on The Great Depression EP. He also was Co-Curator / Featured Artist / Producer on Jean Deaux’s EP - Outer Body.

With a mantra that delves into self-reflection with storytelling, Mikahl's 'M.U.S.E' encapsulates a dual meaning acronym (1. Ms. Using Sensual Energy & 2. Making Use of Seclusion Everyday).

Accompanied by breath-taking, self-directed film pieces, ‘MUSE’ is more than just sonic; it's an immersive audio/visual experience that places storytelling at its core.

You can watch 2 teasers here: Clip 1 | Clip 2

Michael Landon: Rising Pop Star Making Waves with Bentley Records


Michael Landon Lorman, born on May 14, 1998, in Denver, is currently making waves as a
sensational pop star. His distinctive musical style, paired with his refined fashion sensibilities, has propelled him into the spotlight. With chart-topping songs such as "Sorrow," "Lonely Streets," "Let The Rain Fall," and "Sadistic Love," Michael has solidified his position as a global charting artist. This recognition has been further enhanced by the success of his latest album, "Beauty Is Madness," released on February 9th.

BentleyRecords.IO Partnership
Recently signing a record deal with BentleyRecords.IO, Michael's star continues to rise. Bentley Records, a major player in the music industry, is providing a significant platform for Michael's artistry. The latest single, "Lonely Streets," has already gained significant traction, promising an exciting journey with Bentley Records. (Website: Bentley Records)

Early Success and Mentorship
Michael's musical journey began with a viral sensation at the age of 17 with his song "Sorrow." Guided by his mentor, Luca Dayz, Michael has evolved into a remarkable artist. Reflecting on those early days, he expressed emotion with the release of his upcoming single, "Lonely Streets," stating, "Writing that song and hearing it all together made me tear up a bit."

Overcoming Adversity
Raised by his mother, Elizabeth Lorman, alongside sisters Malibu and Mackenzie, Michael faced adversity from a young age. His determination to overcome challenges is evident in his music. Michael's education journey faced threats due to unavoidable circumstances, but his unbreakable bond with his mother fueled his dedication to ensuring her diploma. 

Family and Roots
Michael's roots trace back to Denver, with stepfather Eric Nielson contributing significantly to his upbringing. At the age of 24, Michael, along with fiancée Alannah King, purchased an estate in Tampa, solidifying their tight-knit family bonds. His biological father, Shane Schanaman, actively supports Michael's career, making frequent trips to witness his son's live performances.

Fiancée Alannah King: A Collaborative Force
Love intertwines with Michael's journey, notably in the emotionally charged "Let The Rain Fall," a collaboration with his fiancée, Alannah Marie King. Alannah's aunt, Verena King, plays a vital role in guiding Michael and protecting him from false companies and labels.

Chart-Topping Tracks
Michael's discography speaks volumes about his evolution. "Sorrow," released in 2018, garnered over 1.4 million streams globally. Despite initial challenges, "Let The Rain Fall" rose to over 110,000 streams. The captivating "Lonely Streets" earned Michael interviews with Celebrity Guest on Iheart radio, Steve Harvey’s Morning show, The Breakfast Club, and Ryan Seacrest, marking him as a new generational Pop star.

Style and Fashion
Michael's fashion sense, born from discomfort and adversity, defines him. Slim-fit jeans, leather jackets, and sweaters became a symbol of resilience, shaping his classy, mysterious appearance that aligns seamlessly with his music and the pop culture.

Personal Advocacy and Social Issues

Michael's uniqueness extends beyond his music. Born with double vision and color blindness, he navigates a world where colors hold different meanings. His openness about personal struggles fuels his advocacy for suicide awareness, especially through powerful tracks like "Lonely Streets."

In Michael Landon's journey, resilience, family, and love intertwine, creating a narrative that transcends the boundaries of music. As he continues to carve his path in the pop genre, Michael's story stands as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Bentley Records' collaboration promises exciting prospects for this rising pop sensation.

Connect with Michael Landon:
Apple Music

Presented by Bentley Records

'What Have We Become', the latest collaboration between Ferge X Fisherman and Mick Jenkins

'What Have We Become', the latest collaboration between Ferge X Fisherman and Mick Jenkins, offers listeners a reflective journey through the stages of life. The single, a preview to their forthcoming album 'Good Mother', showcases a masterful integration of jazz-infused hip-hop and '70s soundtrack vibes. The track's lyrics, enriched by Mick Jenkins' deep narrative, ponder the essence of maturity and the inevitability of change. Each verse is carefully crafted to resonate with anyone facing life's transitions.

The musical arrangement, featuring gospel choirs and vintage strings, underscores the song's introspective mood. It's a piece that not only entertains but also invites deep contemplation. Fans of both artists will appreciate the seamless fusion of their distinctive styles. 'What Have We Become' is a testament to the power of music to explore and express complex themes.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Yung Meme (@RealYungMeme) - "Rack It"

Yung Meme, the breakout artist representing Columbia, South Carolina, has joined forces with renowned super producer DJ Speedy, also known as Harvey Miller from Orangeburg, South Carolina, to release their electrifying new single, "Rack It." This collaboration has sent shockwaves through the music industry, leaving audiences astonished by its groundbreaking sound and infectious energy. With a fusion of raw talent and visionary production, Yung Meme and DJ Speedy have not only captured the essence of their roots but have also redefined the standards of contemporary music, cementing their place as pioneers in the industry.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Lecky Drops New Album "Enemies 2 Lovers"


Alexander Oswald Mowbray (born November 8, 2002), known exclusively as Lecky, is an Australian/Fijian rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. After years of releasing his music for free online, Lecky released his third studio album, ENEMIES 2 LOVERS, in February 2024 through LeckyENT. The album was met with critical and commercial success, and spawning the minor hit singles: "SECRETS", "24 HOURS" and "MINUTE MAID". Outside of his solo career, he is part the Melbourne-based hip hop collective LeckyENT.

He is of Fijian descent. Mowbray was born into an Australia family with Fijian ancestry, which included him and two other siblings. He lived in Melbourne his childhood due to his father being incarcerated, before being taken from his family by DHS to be put in a permanent home. Mowbray was taught to play guitar by his brother, and over the years gradually learned how to play several instruments. He started writing raps in his notebook at 7 years old. He started making beats when he was 14 and was initially producing his first single on July 4th 2020. He released his first song at 16 years old and continued making beats and producing songs.


Apple Music:

Kupid Impresses With New Single "Shot To Da Head"


Fueled by his flair for fashion and music, Kupid entered the scene of Hip-Hop in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. A senior at Loyola University in New Orleans, Kupid soars above most hip-hop artists of his generation. From the age of 4, his love for music began, centering around mastering the acoustic guitar, and playing the keyboard by ear. After that, his affinity for playing instruments took flight. He has played the electric guitar and struck many a beat on the full drum set in middle school. After that, Kupid’s arrow fell front and center on the drumline in high school. It was during this time that his love for rap music materialized.

Kupid entered college with the intent to focus on Music Production, but changed course along the way, acknowledging his preference for taking center stage. Targeting a 2024 graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies, he is an accomplished artist and musician, exuding fashion finesse.

Initially releasing under the moniker “Drew$kii” Kupid dropped his first EP “Ultraviolet” in 2021 and extended his reach via collaborations with various other industry artists. Since then, he has rebranded his persona and is known to the world of Hip-Hop as “Kupid”. His most recent and notable collabs include: “Dreads Hang” on “4 The Culture Vol. 1: Maroon Edition” album released in 2023 by Loyola New Orleans’ Hip-Hop and R&B cohort. 

Kupid has now aimed his target at releasing his debut single “OK Wait”, which is part of a larger project.

Born Andrew but known as “Drew” Carnakie-Baker in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Kupid spent every summer and holiday season visiting extended family in New York City. This is probably why his fans might hear a mixture of “The South meets Northen exposure” in lyrical experiences told through rap.

Fun Fact: While marching to the beat of his own drums in high school Kupid winged becoming a County Qualifier twice and a State Qualifier once in breaststroke representing his school’s swim team.

Kupid's latest release, "Shot To Da Head", is a high energy, moshpit-esque track highlighting the ups and downs of partaking in relationships with a significant other. Check it out now and follow him on social media for his new music.








Thursday, February 22, 2024

Rueben Wood Impresses With New Album "5 AM On Peachtree"


Rueben Wood, a rising hip-hop artist, has just released his latest single "5 AM On Peachtree" to the delight of his fans. The song, which is now available on all major streaming platforms, is already receiving positive reviews and gaining traction in the music industry.

"5 AM On Peachtree" is a reflection of Wood's personal experiences and struggles as an artist trying to make it in the competitive music scene. The song is a perfect blend of catchy beats, clever lyrics, and Wood's unique flow, making it a must-listen for all hip-hop enthusiasts. The single is a testament to Wood's growth and evolution as an artist, showcasing his versatility and talent.

Wood, who hails from Atlanta, has been making waves in the music industry with his distinct sound and relatable lyrics. He has been featured in major publications such as Billboard and has collaborated with renowned artists like Jadakiss and Cam'Ron. With "5 AM On Peachtree," Wood continues to solidify his position as one of the most promising artists in the hip-hop scene.

Fans and music critics alike are praising Wood for his latest release, with many calling it his best work yet. The single has already been added to popular playlists and is gaining momentum on social media. Wood's team is also planning to release a music video for the song in the coming weeks, which is expected to further elevate the success of "5 AM On Peachtree."

"5 AM On Peachtree" is a powerful and honest track that showcases Wood's raw talent and potential. With this release, Wood is proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Fans can listen to the single on all major streaming platforms and follow Wood on social media for updates on his upcoming projects.
Follow: @realruebenwood

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

BZ Set to Release New Album "Mønster Monster"

"Mønster Monster" is a 15-track album, mainly produced, written, mixed and mastered by Jacob Andreas aka BZ. It is a concept album, which quite categorically addresses many of the societal challenges both the world is facing, where the purpose is to point out that many of these are things we humans have in common, and therefore need a community to get solved. Hip-hop is a global culture, with potential political impact, and with strong voices, BZ believes that today's rappers can have a decisive effect on the future of humanity.

The sound of New York bomb beats from the 90s characterizes most of the album, but also songs with more melodious instrumentals, and catchy choruses and hooks, help make the album a record full of hits and bangers.

BZ has had guest appearances by names such as: Rockness Monsta (Heltha Skeltha) Chino XL, Planet Asia (Cali Agents) Cappadonna (Wu Tang), Norwegian Ubåt (Pen Jakke) Soul Theory, Berg, Anno Domini, as well as the Australian producer, Ill Eyez Krew, on the album.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Flipstyle - "Can’t Stop Me"


Can’t Stop Me by Flipstyle, from his latest album, The Shimley Files, is one of the most powerful & encouraging songs of the millennium. This song inspires the hearts and minds of listeners to believe in themselves. This is a once in a lifetime anthem for all people and cultures to be uplifted with strength and positivity. Can’t Stop Me by Flipstyle is streaming on ALL music platforms. Enjoy!





Twitter (X)




Flipstyle (Official Website)

Apple Music/iTunes


Monday, February 19, 2024

Explore the Uncharted with Benzhan's 'I'm Not from Here'

Today, Benzhan Entertainment presents "I'm Not from Here," an album by Benzhan that promises to take listeners on an unprecedented musical journey. As a HipHop artist and label head, Benzhan has poured his soul into this project, securing collaborations with hip-hop elites like Swifty McVay, Kuniva, Royce Da 5'9", and KXNG Crooked. This album is a reflection of Benzhan's artistic evolution, characterized by its compelling storytelling and the exploration of themes like societal issues and personal identity. It's an invitation to explore the depth of HipHop through the lens of an artist who dares to question where he belongs in a world of contrasts.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Lord Willin - 100 prod. by Kubus Muzyka (Video + Album Stream)

Providence, RI product Lord Willin brings us "100" the lead single and visual from the second installment of his "Feed The Dog" compilation series which is available now on all platforms! The video shot by Tony Bizz is complete with AI effects and a gritty backdrop befitting of the fast paced track produced by Kubus Muzyka.

Krohme - "TWENTYFOUR: Season 1" (Album)

Prolific VA producer Krohme drops his latest project "TWENTYFOUR: Season 1." Composed of 8 songs, each song on the project was produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered in less than 24 hours over a 2 week span. Featuring Saga, John Apocalypse, Mike Tek, Indigo Phoenyx, Sankofa, Empuls, Wild Pigeon, King Chase and CM Lugo; the entire project is produced, mixed and mastered by Krohme himself. Available now as a free Bandcamp download via Calm Bomb Collective. All sales/donations will be donated to Punks for Autism.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Big 360 - illegal (Live Performance)

Step into the world of Memphis, Tennessee, as artist " Big 360 " invites you on an exclusive journey into the studio and straight into the booth.

Big 360's charisma shines as he effortlessly delivers the hard-hitting lyrics of "Illegal" with unmatched passion. The camera captures every bar of this live in- studio performance, showcasing his raw talent and dedication. The epic visuals & dynamic shots are brought to you by @Wikid Films, providing fans with a front-row seat to Big 360's creative genius.
After you check out the visual tap in with Big 360 via IG @big360_tblock

Star2 feat. Belle Aire - "Get Low for Me" (Video)

Pop meets hip-hop artist Star2 releases the new single and video for "Get Low For Me" feat. Belle Aire. Born in a Thai refugee camp, Star2 seeks to empower others through music and hopes to uplift Asian artistry to the surface. His new single is a sensually sublime Valentine's Day anthem that muses on hot chemistry amidst a luxurious landscape. 

"Get Low For Me" feat. Belle Aire fills the atmosphere with flirtation as the two vocalists collide over decadently diffused sonics. Chronicling an electric connection on the dance floor, Star2 lets his imagination run wild with passion. "Get Low For Me" sets the ambiance with melodic vocals and hypnotic sonics that pull you in deeper toward Star2's allure. 

Star2 is preparing to release his upcoming pop album Shooting Stars. Recently returning from his trip to Thailand, where he visited his birthplace at the Mae La refugee camp, Star2 is deeply invested in the future of Asian culture. He has collaborated among the likes of Soulja Boy, $tupid Young, Mozzy, MBNel, Luh Kel, Lil Poppa, HoodTrophy Bino, YSN Flow, and MarMar Oso to name a few. 

Furthermore, Star2's music videos have garnered international acclaim this year at film festivals worldwide. His video for "Clout Chaser" directed by Lubomir Atan clinched a victory at the San Diego Movie Awards. The video for "Run Away" directed by Chico Bennett was honored at the 2024 Better Earth International Film Festival, while "New Me" also directed by Bennett swept multiple awards, including Best American Music Video at the International Music Video Underground Awards and Best Music Video at the Europe Music Video Awards. Additionally, "New Me" received honorable mentions at the American Golden Picture International and Crown Point International, with official selections at prestigious festivals such as the Cannes World Film Festival and the ARFF Berlin International Awards.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Jerm Deezy - "BORN2die"


Underground Northern California Hip Hop fans have known for quite some time about talented up and coming Sacramento artist Jerm Deezy, but after catching the attention of Nick Cannon's Wild'n Out regulars Fats Da Barber and Mr. Clank Clank, Jerm Deeezy has reached new levels of creative fortitude with his new critically acclaimed single "BORN2die" from his upcoming project "Oh How I Wish You Were Here". In "BORN2die", currently with over 65k views on YouTube, Jerm drops smooth flows with flawless rhythm over a contrasting menacing beat in the streets of Downtown Oakland for an musical experience that is both upbeat and hyphy yet laid back with a coolness factor bordering on insanity. Deeezy's witty lyrical styles and captivating beats have even caught the attention of rap icon Beeda Weeda, where he features on Weeda's upcoming release appropriately named "Get Bigger" signifying yet another testament and acknowledgement of Jerm Deeezy's talents and mass commercial appeal.


Listen to 'Alchemy', Jay Cinema and Chow's refreshing take on abstract hip-hop

Jay Cinema and Chow have dropped off a new album, titled Alchemy. A harrowing collection of potent, left-field hip-hop tracks, Alchemy finds the two artists putting their creative integrity first for an offering of emotive, often dark joints. With an array of textural, layered sounds and introspective lyrics, Alchemy finds solace in solitude and light in dark moments. With songs like the gritty, lo-fi “All On Me”, Cinema lays down cathartic bars atop Chow’s powerful jazzy production, while they can also get smooth on tracks like the glitchy, laid-back “Sympathy Route”. Cinema’s lucid sense of observation and realism shines through on Alchemy with lines like “people love the music, only if they knew how hard it is to make it”. It’s difficult not to cheer for the down-to-earth feel presented by Cinema and Chow, as they lay down a project that’s unafraid to drop the frills and be authentic. Albums like this are often missing in today’s musical landscape, and it is refreshing to hear the angle at which Cinema and Chow come at this project.

Jay Cinema is a visionary abstract hip-hop artist from Yonkers, New York, known for his boundary-pushing sound and thought-provoking lyrics- while producer Chow is a prolific beat-maker whose captivating, refreshing twist on underground hip-hop sounds merges particularly well with Cinema’s expressive style. On their latest album, the two talented artists blend classic New York influences with futuristic sounds for a psychedelic exploration of solitude, struggle, and life. Give Alchemy a listen here now.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Jones's "Rush" Peaks at #33 on iTunes Top 200, Marking a New Career High


In a significant career milestone, Jones's latest single "Rush" has ascended the ranks of the iTunes Top 200 charts, peaking impressively at #33. This achievement not only underscores the Mississippi-born artist's growing influence in the music industry but also highlights the universal appeal of his newest release.

Born in 1989, Jones has carved a unique niche within the hip-hop and R&B genres, championing a message of authenticity and inclusivity through his music. With a career that began in earnest in 2019 following the success of "The Peer Pressure Project," Jones has steadily built a reputation for his distinctive approach to music. His commitment to a profanity-free lyrical style enables his work to resonate across a broad spectrum of audiences, from elementary schools to nursing homes, without sacrificing the intensity and depth of his sound.

Jones's journey in music, influenced by a rich tapestry of experiences growing up in Mississippi and later Florida, reflects a profound dedication to creating a soundtrack for life's myriad moments. His music is a celebration of diversity, with a portfolio that spans across hip-hop, R&B, pop, southern soul, and alternative genres. This versatility, coupled with his philosophy of taking "the road less traveled," sets Jones apart in a crowded industry landscape.

The success of "Rush" is a testament to Jones's artistic evolution and his ability to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level. The song, an ode to love and emotional maturity, showcases Jones's skillful blend of moody, sexy instrumentals with heartfelt lyrics. Produced by @its_moe_beats and released on January 26, 2024, with a video premiering on Valentine's Day, "Rush" encapsulates a message of taking time to appreciate every moment, a theme that resonates with many.

Behind the scenes, the recording and production of "Rush" were marked by a collaborative spirit and creative synergy. The video, co-directed by @YabuiMedia and featuring @simplyjustunique, is a visual representation of the song's classy yet sexy vibe, designed to captivate audiences even on mute. Jones describes the process as a dream, pushing the envelope artistically to deliver a unique and engaging experience for his fans.

As Jones continues to navigate the music scene, his sights are set on international stages, intimate shows, and using his artistry as a tool for motivation and change. His advice to aspiring musicians is simple yet profound: "BE. YOUR. SELF!" This ethos, coupled with his relentless pursuit of success and his refusal to give up, positions Jones as not just an artist to watch but also an inspiration to many.

Jones's journey is a vivid illustration of dedication, creativity, and the power of authentic expression in music. With "Rush" marking a new high in his career, the future promises even greater achievements for this talented artist. Fans can follow Jones on social media @ineedjonesnow and stream his music on Apple Music and Spotify to witness the continuing evolution of an artist truly dedicated to his craft and message

Chad Watson Set to Captivate Audiences at Premier Sneaker Convention: Got Sole


Renowned performer Chad Watson is poised to grace the stage for the second consecutive year at the eminent "Got Sole" event, the largest sneaker convention in Los Angeles. This prestigious gathering has become a pivotal rendezvous for sneaker aficionados nationwide, drawing in a diverse crowd of thousands. 

Esteemed personalities such as Meek Mill, Da Baby, Lil Durk, and Bronny James are among the notable figures who have graced the convention, highlighting its prominence in the cultural landscape. 
Hosted at the iconic Los Angeles Convention Center, "Got Sole" stands as a beacon of sneaker culture, offering an immersive experience that encapsulates every facet of this dynamic community. Attendees are invited to engage in a myriad of activities, from trading coveted sneakers to acquiring some of the rarest footwear gems on the market. 

Our previous attendance at "Got Sole" allowed us the privilege to witness Chad Watson's mesmerizing performance, a spectacle that set the stage for the renowned artist Blueface. As we anticipate this year's event, the excitement is palpable for what Watson, known by his moniker "The Unimpressible," will unveil during his performance. 

For enthusiasts and connoisseurs in the Southern California region, this is an opportunity not to be missed. The event is scheduled for March 16th, and tickets are readily available for purchase online and through the official "Got Sole" website. Ensure your presence at this illustrious event, where the fusion of music and sneaker culture promises an unforgettable experience.

Kardinal Bloo challenges boundaries with expressive 'Birds Rap Too' album


There are some artists that simply challenge your perceptions around a certain sound or style as soon as you hit play. This is true in the case of Texas-born artist Kardinal Bloo, a left-field hip-hop with a penchant for potent lyricism delivered with a captivatingly off-beat charisma. The emcee, who was educated at the University of North Texas where he first began creating music, has earned a reputation for being an exhilarating, charming performer and dedicated wordsmith. He flexes his creative abilities on his new album Birds Rap Too, which is a vivid, potent display of abstract, intriguing hip-hop tracks that play deftly with a variety of flows and production styles.

Birds Rap Too contains a myriad of vibrant instrumentals, from the fast-paced, character-rich rhythms of “SkiddleDeeDoo” to the glorious production on “The Bird In Us”, Kardinal is provided with a variety of soundscapes that play into his versatility. He dismantles these tracks with ease, stringing together verbose, flexible flows that suit these dynamic instrumentals. Leaving few dull moments, Kardinal shines with his outside-the-box style and eclectic taste. Give Birds Rap Too a listen here now.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Video: Dirty Needles - "If I Could Afford A 9th Wonder Beat" (prod. by Reese Tanaka) (dir. by ChemVision)

Ohio product Dirty Needles drops his latest visual "If I Could Afford A 9th Wonder Beat" produced by frequent collaborator Reese Tanaka. The ChemVision directed video was shot on one of the coldest days in Ohio history, guerrilla-style on an iPhone 15 Pro. Taken from Dirty's critically acclaimed album "Happy Accidents" out now for purchase on Bandcamp and all other digital platforms.

Friday, February 9, 2024

Blame One & Preed One - "Rain" (prod. by Preed One)

Back in November, Panorama City, CA-based producer Preed One & San Diego emcee Blame One dropped their single "SINISTER," which was an appetizing preview of their undeniable chemistry. Fast forward to 2024 and we get the duo's first single of the year, a soulful gem entitled "Rain." On their latest single, we find Blame One waxing poetic over an expressive Preed One backdrop, diving into why rain doesn't always signify "dark clouds" or "sad days." The song offers a ray of hope because as we all know, it can't rain all the time. Check it out now on all platforms!

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Josh Chatman - "LUXURY"


Josh Chatman, the rising R&B sensation from Homewood, IL, brings a fusion of soulful melodies and captivating hooks. Born and raised in the Chicagoland suburb, Josh’s journey in music began by self-taught singing at 12, which then fueled his innate passion for dancing. Josh pours his heart and soul into his music, captivating listeners with his emotive delivery and raw authenticity. But Josh’s talents extend beyond the mic; he is also a visionary behind the camera, directing and editing his own music videos to complement his sound with striking visuals. Combining his love for music with his artistic vision, Josh creates immersive experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level. With his creative prowess and undeniable talent, Josh Chatman is poised to leave a legendary mark in the Music Record Books.

His latest release, “LUXURY”, is an irresistibly catchy R&B anthem that tells the compelling tale of a girl who loses her lavish lifestyle after her relationship ends abruptly. With a hook that embeds itself in your mind, the song effortlessly draws listeners into the narrative of heartbreak and longing. Set against a backdrop of captivating basslines, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a once-glamorous existence shattered by the realization that love doesn’t always equate to permanence. As the protagonist grapples with the harsh reality of her newfound circumstances, “LUXURY” serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of relationships and the ephemeral nature of material wealth.





Sunday, February 4, 2024

Fase 1 - "Swish" (Video)

San Diego's own Fase 1 is back in the booth with his latest visual masterpiece titled " Swish ". Fase 1 mixes both his swag and his lyrical abilities as he steps into the booth and blazes the microphone turn your speakers up and keep your eyes open. This visual was shot by FastLane films. 

"Imma starter in the game, you nig**z riding on the bench" Fase 1

After you finish watching the new video keep up to date with Fase 1 and his latest releases via Instagram @Fase1_3000

Friday, February 2, 2024

Jezus Martinez - "Back to the Basics" (prod. by Mike Martinez) (Video + Album Stream)

Jezus Martinez is an off-kilter, underground Hip-Hop duo from Flagler Beach, Florida. Consisting of emcee Jezus Borgia and MC/producer Mike Martinez, the pair bring a psychedelic, beachy twist to the genre. Their 9th and latest project, "Back to the Basics" features 10 tracks entirely produced by Mike Martinez and covering a variety of vibes & topics.

The lead single/title track "Back to the Basics" asserts the duo's mission: To bring Hip-Hop in its rawest elements. The Derrick "Ransom" Mason directed video features Jezus & Mike in the studio, on stage, and outside - plying their craft and showcasing what they do. Those unfamiliar with Jezus Martinez will get a crash course in what to expect from these two. Check out the project now on all digital platforms!

Abyss - "Crash Through" (prod. by LethalNeedle) (Video)

Massachusetts rapper Abyss unveils his latest solo gem "Crash Through" produced by veteran Toronto hip-hop producer LethalNeedle. The upbeat boom-bap styled track showcases Abyss' razor-sharp lyrics, woven into a tapestry of heavy vintage drum instrumentation. Abyss confidently displays his lyricism, effortlessly cutting through doubters and proving his sonic wrath is still intact. Check it out now on all platforms.

Thursday, February 1, 2024


Ghanaian artist Efya introduces a beacon of resilience, optimism, and faith with 'My Helper' (Oluwa), the first music video from her latest EP "No More Tears." This piece enhances the emotionally charged themes of her EP, standing as a beacon of hope and a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit.

Inspired by her experiences and spiritual beliefs, Efya's sound resonates with individuals confronting life's challenges, conveying a message of strength and perseverance. Set against the rich backdrop of African cultural scenes, the video complements Efya's dynamic performance, captivating viewers with its emotionally charged theme.

'My Helper' is more than a music video. It's a rally cry for strength, reflecting Efya's determination to inspire and uplift in adversity. Recognizing God's (Oluwa's) guiding force, she uses her art to empower and elevate others offering an inspiring introduction to the exceptional works in the "No More Tears" EP.

'My Helper' (Oluwa), is now available on all major music streaming platforms.