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Monday, December 26, 2022

Tone Gotti - Thankful


Trill4Real- Lookin for Opps / NBA Youngboy Outside Today Remix

Nytemare - Elite Featuring Dirrty B

Lord Sonny The Unifier - "America's Newest Hitmaker" (Album)

Brooklyn-based purveyor of Post Punk 'Biker Psychedelia'Lord Sonny the Unifier, has announced the release of new full-length album, cheekily titled "America's Newest Hitmaker". Upon listening to LSTU's newest batch of well-crafted songs, each one paying homage to greats like The Clash, The Beatles and Motorhead while simultaneously looking to the future inspired by Viagra Boysthe Black Keys and QOTSA, this title hits the mark. Lord Sonny the Unifier's unique rock signature delivers unique psychedelic imagery with a distinct Brooklyn twist, utilizing alternative, post-punk, punk rock, hard rock, psychedelic and classic rock influences to create a cohesive whole. All in all, "America's Newest Hitmaker" is a triumphant, dynamic artistic statement brimming with punk rock swagger and charisma, from an artist who truly lives for it.

After releasing debut album "Final Notice!" and follow-up EP "All New Information" to critical acclaim, Lord Sonny the Unifier goes decidedly bigger this time around, with Tony Maimone of Per Ubu on the production team, and UK label Interstellar Smoke Records set to distribute the vinyl version of the album. Continuing his prolific visuals that go hand in hand with his music, Greg Jiritano (Lord Sonny the Unifier) has at least 4 music videos being shot to support the record. So sit back and let the subversive, rocking biker vibes take hold!

Not one to be stopped by a pandemic, the new album was written during lockdown, and there is already another release on deck for the near future.

"This one was realized during Covid lockdown. I was simultaneously building a new home and studio after the last one burnt down and writing the new album and like everyone, my thoughts were racing, battered and howling. The nail gun was pounding and the saws were slicing through steel and wood. The Laney amp was cranked and the vocals were on the edge.  The titles tell best the tale of the tempest in the room, Black Eye Blues, Don’t Fall Apart, Howl!, Busy Making Love, Light Your Flare, We’re Electric, Loaded Life, While We Were Dozing, This High and Final Notice.

Out of this questioning came more questions, some relief, much introspection and the realization that, among other things, the politricks we’re subjected to are in the best interests of the already affluent. The only power we have over the oppressors is what we create in our lives and the love we share with our people. They don’t have that and we do, and that's more powerful than anything. In this life, he who sees the most beauty wins. 

This was an album I imagined Bowie would have made right after Scary Monsters if he didn’t go the Nile Rogers route and grabbed Iggy Pop instead, cranked the guitars and picked out of his closet some of his old synthesizers."
 - Greg Jiritano

New single "Don't Be An Asshole" was released on November 25th. 
Stream "Don't Be An Asshole" on Spotify.
Listen or purchase on iTunes.

Lead single "Howl" is out November 4th, while the album is scheduled for a March 3rd release.

Watch the official "Howl" music video, released November 14th.
Listen to "Howl" on Spotify.
Listen or purchase on iTunes.

Gem FM - "Sonic Boom" (Album)

Electronic Rock musician and producer Gem FM conjures a riveting, danceable original vision on his vibrant new album "Sonic Boom", out October 21 on streaming platforms. This adventurous new collection finds the bold composer joyfully walking the line between electronica, trance and progressive rock sounds. 

Gem FM is the solo vehicle and 'flexible musical entity' of artist James Freeman, who feels compelled to pursue the musically bold, somewhat left-field project in order to be true to himself and share his purpose. "Sonic Boom" finds power in balance; it's both energetic and hypnotic, experimental and groove-driven.

On music and the creative process:
“I feel that music is a common denominator to a lot of life forms. It seems that certain vibrations and frequencies may impact us in ways that our conscious mind struggles to grasp. When listening to something I really enjoy, I am feeling it as much or more than I am hearing it.”

“I tend to be somewhat rhythmically oriented in my approach to music. Building the beat is often where my creative process begins. Once I have a foundation, the tune usually begins to take on a life of it’s own. That’s when I follow the music wherever it leads, embarking on a sonic adventure.”

“Although a lot of my work is instrumental, I do enjoy writing lyrics. Most of the work on my first album, Old Business features vocal tracks. One of the interesting things about instrumental tracks is they can travel anywhere, with no translation required. Anyone anywhere can have the same listening experience as anyone else.”

“Experimenting and taking risks are essential to progressing as an artist and are aspects that I find enjoyable.”

On making Sonic Boom:
“I started mixing bits and pieces from different genres and a sort of methodology emerged that formed the basis for Sonic Boom. I used more 808-style bass sounds and grooves for a solid bottom end. I also incorporated some more traditional instrument sounds in the mix. As the tune evolves it lets me know what needs to be added.”

“At first the idea was to make an EP with four songs. Four songs became seven and since there is no category for Over-Engorged EP, it was decided to call it an album. Adding Serrated made it an even eight tracks.”

“While producing the new album, my studio monitoring situation received a significant technical upgrade. This helped tremendously in fine-tuning my engineering and mastering efforts. I think Sonic Boom represents my best work to date with regard to my mixing and engineering. Having said that, I acknowledge that there will always be room for improvement.”

Patrick Ames - "Harmonium" (Album)

Singer Songwriter Patrick Ames is no stranger to profound lyricism and arresting emotion in his stripped-down musical offerings, and new album "Harmonium" is undoubtedly his most powerful and life-affirming collection to date. "Harmonium" is a lean, 7-track album deceptively heavy on raw, beautiful expression of the human experience. Patrick's poetic, intuitive poetry and vocal delivery reveal intimate wisdom and a relentless pursuit of truth, no matter how atypical, whimsical or challenging. Always topical, the songs on this magical collection range from the hard-hitting universal truth of "No People Are Supreme" to the heart-on-the-sleeve honesty of "Is It Okay to Complain" to the sublime closer, "Grace". Written and conceived in Patrick's home vineyard, the songs are about as immediately natural as it gets. Because of it's lean track listing and purposely vulnerable, raw approach, "Harmonium" becomes all the more affecting. Frequent collaborator and veteran producer Jon Ireson puts his distinct imprint on each track.

Stream "Harmonium" on Bandcamp.

From the Artist:
We interrupt this In the Vineyard blog with the essence of what I like to do while living in the vineyard: write music and record it.  Enjoy the new LP. It’s available everywhere online.

Harmonium is the title of Wallace Stevens’ first book of poetry (1923) and I happened to be reading it while in my music studio about a century later, during the 2021-2022 Omicron virus wave. The poems were inspiring so I borrowed the title for a new music project and then buried myself alive for about three months trying to emulate the inspiration. I was also trying to ignore the news, the virus wave and then the war in Ukraine, trying to be positive, inspired, busy. As such, there are no grand overarching themes in this new LP. Only a purposeful exploration of what I want to matter again. That’s why there’s Grace, the LP’s finale. 

Producer Jon Ireson propelled Harmonium within this minimalistic songwriting space. He kept it intact. He kept it curious. His bass lines throughout the whole LP are gorgeous and deserve their own listen. But he also played or programmed almost all the instruments, continuing our long-distance collaboration left over from the Virtualistics LP.  What a wonderful joy to work with such a talented musician and producer! His guitar soloing on DontChaWanna is classic and his arrangement and mix on No People Are Supreme is mesmerizing. Every song has something special and you’ll notice right away that Jon changed my voice microphone setup – finally we could get down into some raspy crevices.

Chana Matthews joined us at the end to record and her voice and spirit are beautiful and soaring and we had fun in the studio as you will hear.

Harmonium is a well-produced mashup of poetry, art, music, and 2020’s social commentary. It’s where I went to heal and it’s what I came out singing.

Zach Churchill - "Greater Than" (Album)

Los Angeles-based Singer Songwriter Zach Churchill bares his soul without reservation on his confessional, potent new album "Greater Than", due for release on October 28, 2022. Lead single "Surrender" comes out July 15, and it's an appropriate precursor to this bold project, exploring difficult feelings and painful trauma with a brave curious spirit. The single deals with addiction and hopelessness, yet there is healing and hope in it's underlying music and message. Whether welcoming or foreboding, truth is Zach's artistic and life mantra, so those ready for thought-provoking self-inquiry will find this release refreshing. 

Zach Churchill's honesty is disarming, as is his dedication to his artistic craft. This is someone who has been through it all, which makes for genuine storytelling. Two more singles are planned for release prior to the full album in October.

Zach elaborates on the album-writing process, how it was therapeutic and encouraged him to trust his inner compass: "Greater Than was written and recorded in Sherman Oaks, CA with my producer and friend, Tom Rasulo. Amidst a bunch of changes and trials in my personal life, the studio was a refuge and safe place for me to process all that was happening. I was able to explore difficult feelings, reflect on my current circumstances, and digest painful experiences. Basically, this album was incredibly therapeutic. It represents an incredibly important period in my life when I finally began to trust myself. 

The title track, "Greater Than", is about making other people your Higher Power and then being disappointed when they let you down, and finally coming to terms with the painful truth that no human being will ever be able to save or fix you. 

"Surrender" is about addiction being the result of untreated trauma. "Each day is the same, I wake up in pain, and repeat what I fear with no resolution."

"The past, it is real, and it's living inside you. This pain, it can heal, you can change if you want to..." 

jRadx - "Desert Power" (Album)

Aptly described as a 'Creator of Creatures and Curiosities', Coquitlam, BC-based Rap/Electronic Artist and Producer jRadx delivers a molotov cocktail of musical innovation on mesmeric new album "Desert Power", out now on streaming platforms. The multi-disciplinary artist is on a creative tear after initially spending years perfecting his craft. "Desert Power" is jRadx's 4th album (3 of which were released last year), and a 5th is already in the planning stages. Seamlessly combining Rap/Hip Hop, Dance/Electronic, Downtempo and Experimental music, jRadx truly dances to the beat of his own drum and achieves a compelling 'flow of consciousness' vibration throughout.

“Is this war, Is this Life, Is this democratic, Or is this just strife” – from Strife by jRadx on Desert Power

From the Artist:
Contemplating the current media environment: government and citizen response to compounded social and environmental stress. Juxtaposed with the “we just need to take our time” sample, to suggest a level-headed approach.

Mr. Grossman - "Novella" (mini-album)

Northern Californian musician Mr. Grossman has announced the release of his new EP/mini-album entitled "Novella", containing 4 new original tracks where he employs his typically wide-ranging experimental approach. The collection also showcases the artist's more vulnerable side, as he lyrically turns inward and channels his inner storyteller. "Novella" is best described as "stories about people dealing with past love, needing courage, comfort, and closure."

In this new mini-album, the eclectic Mr. Grossman turns from the political theme of his first two tracks to the personal. These four songs are about people dealing with love, past and future, looking for courage, comfort and closure. On the opening track Chana Matthews gives voice to a searing portrait of a woman burned by past relationships, daring herself to get back into the game. The second track, Escape, is like an offer of encouragement and solace to the first. The music is a mix of modern R&B and pop, with echoes of SadeSmokey Robinson and John Legend. There are also classical Easter eggs (Duruflé and Brahms) for good measure.

Son Cesano - "Emerge" (Album)

Psychedelic Rock Mystics Son Cesano will release new album "Emerge" on November 4th with Monobuster Records. This ambitious instrumental release should appeal to most fans of progressive, psychedelic, stoner and post-rock as well as heavy metal and jazz. Son Cesano sound bigger than a quartet, each member accenting the rhythmic attack differently. The end result is a boundary-smashing and hypnotic tour-de-force through the Universal Mind.

A full four years after sinking into psychedelic depths with their debut album "Submerge"Son Cesano resurface with the brand-new album "Emerge".  After a few longer breaks, the four central-Swiss musicians had to find themselves again musically in a new line-up; always looking for the perfect flow. The style was further developed, they experimented diligently and refined structures and rhythms. Not least thanks to the new drummer Dominik Zgraggen, new influences and elements found their way into Son Cesano's repertoire without losing the band's characteristic groove. 

Seven songs were created, which were recorded live and mixed by lead guitarist Simon Marty. From spherical and playful, to slightly jazzy, to hard riffs that make you shake your hair, a wide variety of soundscapes have been merged into one album. "Emerge" is psychedelic, heartily seasoned with post-rock and refined with a fine pinch of stoner. The listening experience is crowned by the enchanting album cover designed by Luzia Imhof, which also visually invites you to immerse yourself in the new album.

‘The Mystic Four’ has an immediate and undeniable calming effect. The thoughtfully arranged guitars and meandering percussion evoke a sense of wonder and awe, encouraging listeners to forget their worries and disappear into the soundscape, if only for a few moments. The lead guitar is reminiscent of yesteryear’s prog-rock heroes, yet distinctly modern in its approach. This is instrumental music that speaks directly to the heart. 

Stream "The Mystic Four" on Spotify.

"For me, the special thing about the new album is that many different musical influences have flowed into it. To bring them together in songs was a challenge, but it came out very well. The songs therefore often have a special mood, which in my opinion makes it all the more interesting to listen to.” Simon Marty

"While developing the songs and jamming the ideas, there were always those magic moments where you don't know where it's going to take you, and finally something great and unexpected comes out. These are usually the moments that trigger various emotions in the listener as well as in us. Such moments inspire me when listening to other music, and I would like to do the same with our music.” - Dominik Zgraggen

"I find it very motivating that the four of us have such similar views on what kind of music we want to make, but still always discuss different perspectives and thus get the best out of everyone.” Robin Weissen

"What I find special about the new album is the way certain songs were created. Due to the fact that a part of the band was traveling for a long time and therefore the band had longer breaks, we worked diligently on ideas alone. We then worked together on the ideas and refined them until a Son Cesano song emerged, with which everyone could be identified.” Robin Weissen

Marty Thompson - "Unwind" (Album)

These days, most of us could use some time to relax, unwind and recharge by taking the time to focus on the moment. Inventive Singer Songwriter and storyteller Marty Thompson provides an immersive psychedelic folk rock journey intended to untangle and expand the listener's perspective on new album "Unwind", due October 7th on streaming platforms. "Unwind" finds the multi-instrumentalist and producer preparing a fiery musical gumbo with equal parts folk, rock, alternative, country, jam band and psychedelic sounds served with mindful lyrical slices of every day life. From the sun-spotted wisdom of "Forgotten Dust" to the hazy psychedelia of "Ruta Maya Moonshine", "Unwind" joyfully expresses Thompson's unique artistic fingerprint.

Fans of artists like Widespread PanicGoosePhish and Grateful Dead should enjoy this expansive collection. This is Marty Thompson's 5th album and most adventurous to date.

"Unwind," brings back the jam scene sound of the 90's while keeping it fresh with unconventional studio work using modern quality components and unique instrumentation, all wrapped in a neat concept-album. The LP begins with the title track hailing the call to "walk the path to unwind," and we're off!

We trip through a lyrical 24-hour cycle after sharing a cup of late-night "Ruta Maya Moonshine" and explore night in the Hill Country of Texas under a full moon. 7:AM comes early, and we take a stroll to admire this amazing day..."so much to see..." Morning bleeds into a long and sunny afternoon on a Sunday where we stay for extended jams under intense Sunshine. 

Finally, we share sundown with the ones we love in Paradise, before heading off into night once more. The farm cat peeks in on Old John during a sandstorm as he plays his fiddle made of gold, and we all end up at the neighborhood bar for last call from the Bartender. Goodnight! Finally, the LP reprises the title track, reminding us all to UNWIND. Please enjoy this journey of original sound and poetry."
 - Marty Thompson

Patty & The Oh’s - "Useless Love"

Rock and Roll Band Patty & The Oh's masterfully combine many eras and styles on addictive, biting new single "Useless Love". It's clear upon first listen that this is a band who pride themselves on taking influence from the entire history of rock and roll music.

"Useless Love" has the strangely familiar vibe of a 50's style Ritchie Valens or Buddy Holly number mixed with early 90's alternative rock in 2022. The recurring melody on "Useless Love" is a Stylophone being played by Taylor Carroll . Listeners will notice a signature darkness and wry wit in vocalist/guitarist Patrick Weatherly's lyricism, delivered through a mischevious croon. Because of the well-crafted songwriting and polished sound, the drop of poison goes down smooth like honey.

Part of what gives Patty & The Oh's their unique sonic signature is being a cross-regional band, with Patrick Weatherly hailing from Alabama and the rest of the group calling Seattle home. The songs were also produced and recorded in Seattle.

"Useless Love" is one of three songs that have been released publicly (see also New Flavor of Gum and Societal Collapse Doo Wop) by the band. These three songs are all a part of a forthcoming full-length album, titled "Out of Everything".

Erik & The Worldly Savages - "Break Free" (EP)

Erik Mut is a man on a mission, having broken the shackles of Western society and trailblazed his own path of rebellion, adventure, leadership and musical passion. His powerful Folk Punk project Erik & the Worldly Savages musically and lyrically reflects his manifest philosophy of seeking personal freedom, cutting ties with the past, reprogramming your mind and embracing life wholeheartedly.

An expat since 2008, Erik left his home in Toronto, Canada at the age of 25 to let the cultures of the world wash over him, inspiring his life, work and music. Erik & the Worldly Savages formed in 2008 while Erik was in Belgrade, Serbia. While based in London and Belgrade, the band played over 250 shows across Europe with lineups of musicians from many countries. In 2016 he started Support Adventure, a company which gives remote jobs to expats and digital nomads, now with more than 160 staff members living in over 20 different countries, creating a business manifestation of the band’s message of trans culturalism.

Erik has worked on recordings with Dutch record producer Caspar Wijnberg since 2013 at his studio in Belgrade. His new EP release, appropriately titled "Break Free", will be released November 23, 2022. "Break Free" tells the story of the overwhelming urge to liberate oneself from the monotony of life in the West, social conditioning, 9-5 jobs and mediocrity to discover the world. Just as Chris Cornell once famously sang "I'm going to break my rusty cage and run", Erik has truly taken this message to heart.

Erik & the Worldly Savages raise a voice for all those who dream of permanently travelling the world. This is counterculture music at its finest, breaking cultural boundaries.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling trapped in normality and filled with an urge to get more out of your life, Erik’s music will seep into your very being.

“I started Worldly Savages from my own need to break free and travel the world, singing songs which help the like-minded transcend culture and become global citizens,” Erik explains.

Musically dense and energetically uncaged and explosive at times, this release is a raw, untethered shriek from the void, equally utilizing punk rock, folk, reggae, heavy metal and world music influences. Most of all, the expression is authentically human.

"Brainwashed" reflects on the social engineering of society, how it impinges on individuality and breeds complacent mediocrity, asking: Is this it for humanity? "Dry Fear"  takes a dark look at a society where people prefer to stay encaged in a blanket of fear and normality. "Sunshine" provides a reflection on the grind of middle class 9-5 working life, seemingly waiting for a reward and contentment which never surfaces. "Glass Cage" serves as an anthemic hymn for finally deciding to quit your job and leave your country and embrace a different destiny. "Leaving" is about the departure point, when everyone thinks you’re crazy, but you remain resolute in your decision. "Burn My Life" encapsulates the moment of departure and break from the past. 

"Burn My Life" comes with an accompanying music video. Using archival video and photos from his childhood and youth, Erik explores his peaceful upbring in Canada and how he sacrificed the idyllic “1st world” life behind to embrace a life of excitement abroad.

"I wrote this song recalling a time in 2008 when I was leaving my life in Canada and moving to Serbia to launch Worldly Savages, become a singer songwriter and take music seriously. I knew that I had to leave my life in Canada behind to find inspiration and possibility in a new country. At the time, somebody said that the hardest part was to get to the airport, where you could see all of your past as a finished chapter. This brings possibility to the future."

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Moment - "IN TIME" (Album)

Detroit-based Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer Moment (Mike Masch) does a deep dive into hip hop/rap music on hook-filled new album "IN TIME", out Oct 1, 2022 on streaming platforms. Sonically, listeners can expect 'a hip-hop fusion that integrates heavy undertones of electronica, classical, jazz, big beat, cinematic, and downtempo'. Moment expresses himself through these complimentary genres in order to express diverse emotions and energies while seeking to inspire. Mike Masch's creative ethos is to 'bring truth and excitement in the form of music.'

"The inspiration behind this album was to show a much broader range of not just musical production & ability but myself as a person in this world. So many different emotions, feelings & experiences mixed together to tell many handfuls of stories. I loved how this came together with a variety of my favorite genres, whether that is rap in general but also incorporating R&B, old school, electronic, classical, and jazz. The album is vital to me to tell my experiences and release the various thoughts & experiences in my mind. I believe this will inspire, motivate, and help others. I've always said that people have unique hobbies as a form of therapy and music creation just happens to be mine. It's real, it's authentic, it releases and frees. I know when others listen to it that they will understand this as I do." - Mike Masch

"In Time" finds Masch's extensive life-long study and appreciation of music coming to fruition. He's graduated from music production and audio engineering schools, performed extensively as a DJ, and attended countless concerts and classes of various genres to hone his signature sound

Mike Masch - "Return to the Boulevard" (Album)

Prolific Detroit-based musician and producer Mike Masch delivers a chameleonic new album "Return to the Boulevard", offering a diverse collection of Chillhop, Jazzhop, Lounge, Downtempo and Lofi Hip Hop music. This innovative instrumental release should appeal to fans of Pete Rock, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Jinsang, Ocha and TomppaBeatsWhen not relaxing & producing his own super chill lounge/jazzhop under Mike Masch, he is songwriting & performing intelligent, crafty lyrics & hooks under rapper name, Moment. Chock full of endless chill vibes, "Return to the Boulevard" is essential listening for any instrumental hip hop or electronic music enthusiasts.

"This release is a follow-up to the successful 2017 jazzhop album, 'Sanguine on Amplified Blvd'. The new album expands on the easy listening lounge style but expands into lofi hip-hop. This produces a slight modern edge over the prior album that Mike believes fans of these genres will really love. As mentioned from the prior album, sanguine means staying confident even in tough or difficult times. This kind of music inspires that level of emotion & feeling and Mike is ready to bring more of it to others. This is vital, as everyone can use something like this during these times or just throughout their days." - Mike Masch

Paul Lewis & Romeo Rage - "Sky’s Rust" (Album)

Paul Lewis & Romeo Rage channel rocking vibrations through a chameleonic David Bowie and Prince influence, restlessly blurring the lines between the theatrical, rebellious, freaky and provocative on their unruly new album "Sky's Rust", out November 18th via award-winning alternative label Realize Records. Prolific singer/songwriter/producer Paul Lewis, the film composer behind feature films such as Days of Power, combines his eclectic vocal, guitar and keyboard writing style with technical drumming and jazz fusion-inspired John Sanders on drums to create something wholly fresh and greater than the sum of it's parts. Ultimately, this is the sound of a band at the top of their game, doing exactly what they want to do creatively, experimenting freely with the cinematic and gothic while leaving caution to the wind.

"Romeo Rage is what happens when two guys boldly blur several genres and marry West Coast riffs with East Coast edge. The result is a sort of controlled chaos that makes for a unique audio journey,” comments John Sanders.

The new album comes quickly on the heels of Romeo Rage’s three-song contribution to the soundtrack for the independent feature film “Dark State” which was released in AMC Theatres across the country in 2021. The songs were co-produced with Lewis and Emmy award-winning sound mixer Robert Venable.

"The pandemic shook the world and affected everything that I do, so out of that came most of these tunes. Some of them I had written and hadn't done anything with until this new idea came. I've always wanted to play edgier and darker material yet still having a pop sensibility about the tunes. I found some amazing musicians to play with and now we are ready to bring it." - Paul Lewis

On his songwriting and lyrical approach, Paul adds: "Some of the tunes have been based on dreams. Lyrically especially. Some are based on a turning point in my life where I had to decide if I was even going to start a whole new project. I had already written half of the tunes and then while scoring a film I was inspired even more and just kept writing. I'm feeling very satisfied and if success is upon creation...then I'm there."

Dark, cinematic and brimming with genuine emotion, "Sky's Rust" is a must-listen for fans of anyone from The Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys to Peter Murphy and Type O Negative.

Indiana Bradley - "Rats on Cocaine"

Post-Punk Innovator Indiana Bradley teams up with A.F.I.'s Hunter Burgan for a moody romp through the underbelly of Los Angeles on the frenetic "Rats on Cocaine". Bradley emerges on the new single as wholly original, with a resounding baritone booming over a calculated frenzy of melodic guitars, bass, keys and drums. Having lived as a journalist in dozens of countries from Argentina to Indonesia, Indiana Bradley brings a unique storytelling perspective through leading a life with no boundaries.

"Rats on Cocaine" was written as a commentary about the Los Angeles cocaine fueled mania that dominates the city's culture. The performance is reflective but also a warning verbalized through coherent yet stream of conscious lyrics. The fiery track was recently premiered by Post-Punk.comWe Love That Sound commented that they love the 'enormous speed, the drive and how it just goes off.'

Ahead of forthcoming EP, Pale City, produced by Hunter Burgan (A.F.I. bass player/producer). Burgan also plays all of the guitar and bass parts on the EP. The music video was created out of a 1950s era Soviet propaganda cartoon and edited extensively to form a story with the music. The lyrics toe the line between auto-biographical and observational leaving the listener wondering if the song is about the singer or themselves.  

On top of catching the eye of Hunter BurganIndiana Bradley is a regular at prestigious Los Angeles venues like The Whiskey A Go Go, where he headlined in August and is confirmed to open for L.A. Guns on New Year's Eve.

Indiana Bradley's visceral, punk-fueled music should appeal to fans of everyone from Nick Cave and Iggy Pop to The RamonesJoy Division and Fugazi. A truly prolific creative force, Bradley already has another offering completed to follow the "Pale City" EP release; a 6 song EP produced by "Ghost Star" collaborator Seth Olansky set to drop early 2023.

"Pale City" is scheduled for release on streaming platforms December 31.