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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Young Miller Tha Don's New Single "Lemonade" Hits #5 On iTunes Top 100 Charts


Young Miller Tha Don, a talented up-and-coming artist, has recently taken the music scene by storm with his scorching new single “Lemonade.” This electrifying track has already made its way to the top, securing the #5 spot in the highly coveted Canada Top 100 on iTunes. With his infectious beats and captivating lyrics, Young Miller Tha Don is quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Stay tuned for more incredible music from this rising star.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Zeke - "Killing Me Slowly"


Zeke is a hip-hop/rap artist hailing out of Cartersville, GA. Considered by rap standards as a late bloomer Zeke started rapping/writing at the age of 19 and recording songs at 20. Since his start he has released a plethora of music including 5 albums 2 mixtapes and numerous singles to go along with that. Some of his musical influences include Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem, and Lupe Fiasco just to name a few. Check him out!



Saturday, January 27, 2024

Christian Rapper Butta The Preacher Set to Drop New Album "Chapter 1"


“A NEW WAVE COMING” Christian hip hop artist and award winner Butta The Preacher announced that he is back in the studio recording new music and will be releasing his new album  “Chapter 1” spring calendar of 2024. Many of his fans have been wondering where he has been over the past year and his response is that he took a year from recording to reflect and examine himself as an artist and preacher to develop a balanced system between the two platforms he uses to share the gospel. During that time my creativity and artistic abilities are better than they ever have been and I’m so excited to share my new music with the world this year. I believe God is going to use me and other Christian hip hop artists to make a huge impact on the mainstream industry through radio, television, and live concerts. It’s just a matter of time.


Thursday, January 25, 2024

Kota the Friend Sets the Stage for 'Lyrics to Go, Vol. 5' with Stirring New Single "YUMA"


Kota the Friend, the illustrious Brooklyn-based artist, is kickstarting the new year with an evocative prelude to his highly anticipated project, 'Lyrics to Go, Vol. 5.' His latest offering, "YUMA," emerges as a spellbinding synthesis of jazz elements and rap, now available for streaming on FLTBYS Music and Entertainment LLC & Venice Music.

"YUMA" unfolds the tale of a relentless nomad, adrift yet undeterred. In this soul-searching track, Kota delves deep into the existential musings of sacrifices unrewarded, echoing the tumult and triumphs inherent in the pursuit of one's dreams. "The inspiration for 'YUMA' came while touring in 2023," Kota reveals. "It's a reflection of our journey, a band of inner-city dreamers traversing the nation, and the raw essence of that experience."

Accompanying the single is a visually arresting music video set in a desolate desert landscape where time is a mere spectator, and the sands sway to Kota's rhythm. The video is an invitation to experience "YUMA" in a visual format and is available for viewing online.

Recorded during his headline 'Flowers For My Friends' tour, "YUMA" is not just a song but a milestone in Kota's burgeoning career. The tour, in promotion of his critically acclaimed album 'PROTEA,' spanned 20 cities, starting in Pittsburgh and culminating in a packed New York venue, marking a triumphant chapter in Kota's journey.

As the successor to "OREGON," "YUMA" continues Kota's artistic penchant for geographically inspired titles and stands as a tantalizing preview of what 'Lyrics to Go, Vol. 5' holds. Fans and critics alike are eagerly anticipating the full reveal of the album, scheduled for release on January 25th.

For those captivated by the lyrical prowess and soulful beats of Kota the Friend, "YUMA" is a testament to his evolving artistry and a harbinger of more captivating narratives to come. Stay tuned for the unveiling of 'Lyrics to Go, Vol. 5' and immerse yourself in the world of Kota the Friend.

Trailblazing Rapper Buddah Baby Unveils His Gripping Debut Album "Frequency"

Captivating Washington, DC rapper Buddah Baby aka The DMV Reppa is excited to unveil his anticipated debut album entitled "Buddah Baby Frequency: The Album." On the riveting project, the aspiring wordsmith illustrates his deft balance of catchy hooks, dope beats, and witty wordplay.

The determined storyteller leans into the pulsating production with fearless verses punctuated by his soulful tone. His fascinating vocals perfectly accentuate the remarkable beats, making the refreshing album a repeat-worthy release in your playlists.

When chatting about his album, Buddah Baby shared: "My release 'Buddah Baby Frequency: The Album' is about self reflection. I strive to be the change I want to see in others. My project is about being your greatest asset. No matter what you go through in life, keep moving forward. Be unapologetic in your purpose!"

Buddah Baby's melodic music oozes with charm and an undeniable charisma. Making waves with his electrifying music that marries stellar beats with impressive wordplay, Buddah Baby is undoubtedly carving out his own path. The skillful rhymespitter aimed to make the best out of his circumstances and honed in on his artistry, which quickly earned him recognition in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and beyond. If you are a true Hip-Hop enthusiast, then you will enjoy this budding DMV rapper, who has already been featured on Yo! Raps Magazine.

Press play and stream Buddah Baby's freshman album "Buddah Baby Frequency: The Album" on all streaming platforms.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Mike Martinez & Will Taubin - Quality Art Paintings (EP)

Flagler Beach, Florida emcee Mike Martinez (Jezus Martinez; The Unuzual Suspects) links up with Brooklyn underground legend, producer Will Taubin (johnny23 Records) to bring you "Quality Art Paintings."

The 7 track EP features hard rhymes and beats to match, with an overall deep & somber tone. Completed in 2022, the album is only now seeing the light of day, having been aged in a dank cellar for maximum potency. 'Quality Art Paintings' is available on all streaming platforms and for purchase on Bandcamp!

FollowJoJoe (@FollowJoJoe) - "Kold City" Video

DAYGO's best-kept secret "FollowJoJoe'' drops another visual masterpiece, This fresh joint is titled ''Kold City'' directed by "Nick Rodriguez". So hit play as Stop Sign productions & Follow JoJoe take you on tour of the Kold City. Showing you the Koldest scenes & lyrics straight out of DAYGO !!! After you check out "Kold City" Tap in with jojoe via X & IG @Followjojoe

Monday, January 22, 2024

Chuck Brown ft. Sankofa & BISON.FC - "Never Know" (Prod. by Stormiweather)

Chuck Brown, hailing from Southern California, brings a more somber tone to his latest release, "Never Know." Featuring a guest verse from frequent collaborator Sankofa and a hook from east coast mainstay, BISON.FC, the song details the pitfalls of drug addiction, especially in recent times with fentanyl and the resulting overdoses that plague this next generation. Stormiweather provides a beautiful backdrop to set the tone. Check it out now on all platforms!

Rohan - "Junglee (Ride With Me)"

Rohan’s new single "Jungle (Ride WIth Me)" sets the tone for his debut EP titled "JUNGLE". Co-producers Rohan & hit-maker Eestbound take the audience on a unique sonic journey with influences borrowing from several genres like amapiano, afrobeat, r&b and hip-hop. The singer croons sensually over a catchy hook while attacking the verses with a fresh energy and hypnotic rhythm. Already charting in the USA & internationally, even reaching top 25 in China, "Jungle (Ride With Me)" is set to be a 2024 HIT

'Racing': New Release from FERGE X FISHERMAN

With 'Racing', FERGE X FISHERMAN transitions into an energetic realm of music, showcasing a departure from their traditional laid-back grooves. This track, influenced by artists such as BLK ODYSSY and Goldlink, integrates jazz elements into its fabric, resulting in a dynamic and vibrant sound. The single features an engaging mix of mellow hooks and thoughtfully crafted lyrics, supported by a rich instrumental backdrop. This release continues the narrative from their previous singles 'Lace Up' and 'Adults', adding depth to the duo's discography and further highlighting their versatility in blending different musical styles.

Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  TikTok

Friday, January 19, 2024

Zone EZ - "That Song Song"


King Cangin - "South Brooklyn"


Immerse yourself in the soulful beats and poignant narratives of KING CANGIN's latest track, "South Brooklyn," where the streets of Bensonhurst come alive through a symphony of raw emotion and lyrical mastery.

About Jon 'KING' Cangin:

From the vibrant streets of Bensonhurst to the tranquil monasteries of Thailand, Jon Cangin's journey is nothing short of remarkable. A maestro of words, an advocate for change, and a beacon of resilience, KING CANGIN transcends the realm of hip-hop to tell a story that's uniquely his own. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop's golden era and influenced by icons like Action Bronson, Nems, Eminem, and Kanye West, his tracks are a tribute to the roots of the genre and the diversity of his Brooklyn upbringing.

Raised by a powerful single mother with his father's absence casting a long shadow, Jon turned narratives of struggle into anthems of strength. His artistry is a bridge between generations, honoring the musical legacy of his grandfather, Frank Cangin, while forging his own path in the world of music and beyond.

A champion for education and a witness to its transformative power, as seen in the PBS documentary "College Behind Bars," Jon's commitment to learning and growth is evident not just in his Master's degree in History but in the depth and wisdom of his lyrics.

Latest Release:

"South Brooklyn": Dive into the heart of KING CANGIN's Brooklyn, where every beat tells a story, and every rhyme is a step in his journey. "South Brooklyn" is not just a track; it's an invitation to experience the world through the eyes of a poet, an educator, and a relentless dreamer.

Join the journey. Feel the rhythm. Be part of the change.


Wednesday, January 17, 2024

SeaJay - "Thinkin Bout You"


Meet SeaJay, the Songbird from Sebring, Florida. Born April 7th, SeaJay is an R&B Musician, Singer/Songwriter. He found a passion for music at the early age of ten, and began singing and performing at church and talent shows. SeaJay started creating his own music at the age of twelve, he found it to be healing and inspiring. His sound is a combination of R&B/Soul, but he enjoys listening and collaborating with artists of other types of genres as well.


Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Rex & The Rhythm - "Highs & Grows" (Video)

Barbados bred, Los Angeles based artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Rex & The Rhythm releases the new single and video for "Highs & Grows". Inspired by 90s hip-hop legends including Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest, "Highs & Grows" strikes a distinctive mark between psychedelic soul, alt-pop, and hip-hop for a cosmic journey of inner-evolution, honoring both the pitfalls and peaks of being human. 

"Highs & Grows" is a track that explores an array of live percussion, sun-drenched electric guitar, and transcendental lyricism that is complemented by reverberating euphoric harmonies, resulting in a kaleidoscopic and uplifting sound. The music video for "Highs & Grows", directed by DannyJFilms, pays homage to Outkast's iconic single "Hey Ya!" and reflects an atmosphere of authenticity where Rex delves into the core essence of his creative process and sincerity as an artist.

Rex & The Rhythm made his entry into the music scene with Caribbean pop group Cover Drive, which gained remarkable success with three UK top ten hits, multi-platinum and silver singles. He's opened for Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and Lauryn Hill. Most recently, Rex opened for Ashanti in Barbados at The Hennessy Artistry festival in December 2022 before releasing his sophomore project, Secrets Behind Our Smiles last February.

Papi Da Connect (@CapiCu_7) ft. Big Korey (@bigkorey) - Ouh Yeah (Video)

Get ready for a fresh new collaboration as New York-born and Atlanta-raised artist “ Papi Da Connect “ teams up with fellow ATL artist “ Big Korey ”  to deliver this new visual " Ouh Yeah," straight from the legendary Oomp Camp . These two dynamic artists bring the essence of Atlanta's thriving hip-hop scene to life. 

DRAGG - "Give It To You"


DRAGG sets the mood with his magnetic autotune flow in 'Give It To You,' a sultry Trap anthem that seamlessly blends contemporary R&B vibes. Teaming up with the sweet serenade of Tania DeBarros, the track delivers a grown, romantic allure. DRAGG's lyrics, drenched in sensuality, create a sexy synergy with DeBarros' soulful vocals. Immerse yourself in the Trap Soul rhythms and intimate vibes that make 'Give It To You' a global anthem.

About DRAGG:
Born in Johannesburg in 1993, Lawrence Sean Sibanda, aka DRAGG, found his musical roots in the diverse sounds of his mother's collection. At 12, DRAGG faced a life-altering battle with meningitis, losing his eyesight in the process.

Johannesburg's rich music scene shaped DRAGG's taste, leading him to embrace SA Hip Hop, RnB, and Kwaito. Influenced by Skwatacamp, TK, Mandoza, and Zola 7, his musical journey unfolded.

In 2006, DRAGG moved to the UK. It was then, at the height of the 50 Cent and G-Unit era, that he fully immersed himself in the culture. West Coast rapper The Game became a pivotal influence, with his album "Doctor's Advocate" serving as a defining moment that propelled DRAGG into the world of hip hop. Opening for The Game in 2010 marked DRAGG's full-circle connection with his rap idol.

DRAGG has shared stages with UK Icons like Wretch 32, Tim Westwood, and DJ Ace. His collaborations include Lady Leshurr, O.D Hunte, Paigey Cakey, and Millyz.

Anticipation surrounds his 2024 project release, featuring singles like "Trickin On You," "Last Forever" with Korusbird, and "Give it to You" featuring Tania DeBarros, available on streaming platforms. DRAGG's captivating storytelling and magnetic presence resonate across music enthusiasts, establishing him as a noteworthy artist.




Tik Tok:



Money Key - "Thank God I Found You"


Discover the brilliance of Money Key, a musical virtuoso with roots deeply embedded in his love for music, songwriting, and inspiration drawn from luminaries like the late L’A Capone, T.I., Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, Nas, and Joe. Money Key's journey unfolds as a testament to his versatility, creativity, and a genuine connection with fans worldwide.

He pays homage to Mariah Carey, Joe, and Nas, featuring the remix of "Thank God I Found You." This record serves as your exclusive pass to delve into the world of a young artist with a bright future - Money Key.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey into the musical universe of Money Key!




Saturday, January 13, 2024

OperaSkies - "Thrive"


Operaskies, a visionary singer and songwriter who has honed her craft since the tender age of 13, brings forth a composition that seamlessly merges intelligence, spirituality, and the wisdom of both ancient and future realms. As she delves into the origins of her song "Listen," the divine dance between her pen and her soul unfolds.

"Listen" is a profound anthem that serves as a poignant reminder of the inherent beauty within every step of life's intricate dance. Reflecting on her upbringing, Operaskies recalls a solitary figure who held the key to her understanding of true heritage and culture – her Auntie, a soul battling mental health challenges and often burdened with societal labels. In the innocence of childhood, Operaskies was perplexed by the enigmatic utterances that escaped her aunt's lips, yet little did she know that her ancestral roots were intricately woven into the fabric of her very being.

In moments of deep despair and disconnection, Operaskies found solace in the embrace of music, a profound solace that transcended the ordinary. It became her sanctuary, a portal through which she harmonized with angelic voices, a reciprocal exchange of melodies and ethereal whispers. Music became her guiding light, illuminating the path towards self-discovery and purpose.

Life, Operaskies realized, deals each of us a unique hand, sometimes resembling fragmented pieces of shattered glass, seemingly impossible to mend. But it is in the persistence of the human spirit that these broken shards can be tenderly pieced together, forming a mosaic of resilience and strength. It is within the process of healing that the fragments find their rightful place, restoring the inherent beauty that resides within.

Guided by an understanding that love transcends the boundaries of physical existence, Operaskies seeks to embrace love as a transformative force. Regardless of the circumstances, whether the object of affection exists in tangible reality or ethereal realms, she implores us to cultivate a profound love that unifies and transcends limitations.

In the timeless wisdom of Operaskies' song, echoes of healing reverberate. It resonates with the knowledge that we are all interconnected, and by nurturing love within ourselves and extending it to others, we participate in a profound process of healing. Through her music, Operaskies serves as a conduit for the ancient truths and futuristic visions that lie dormant within us, awakening the dormant sparks of divine potential.In the timeless wisdom of Operaskies' song, echoes of healing reverberate. It resonates with the knowledge that we are all interconnected, and by nurturing love within ourselves and extending it to others, we participate in a profound process of healing. Through her music, Operaskies serves as a conduit for the ancient truths and futuristic visions that lie dormant within us, awakening the dormant sparks of divine potential.
As we embark on this transformative journey with Operaskies, her melodic tapestry takes us beyond the confines of time, blending past, present, and future into a harmonious symphony of hope and self-discovery. Let us heed the call of "Listen," for within its verses lie the keys to unlock our own paths of healing and the power to embrace the inherent beauty of every step we take on this extraordinary voyage of life. 

Operaskies, a prodigious singer and songwriter who has captivated audiences since the tender age of 13, presents an enlightening opus titled "Change Now." This profound composition intertwines intelligent, spiritual, ancient, and futuristic elements, inviting listeners on a transformative journey.

"Change Now" serves as a catalyst for introspection, questioning the inherent discomfort often associated with change. Regardless of our cultural, racial, or religious backgrounds, Operaskies implores us to confront our fears in the mirror of self-reflection. If our resistance to change stems from power dynamics or societal status, the mirror becomes a sacred space for soul-searching. As we acknowledge our own imperfections and take accountability for our actions, the world undergoes a powerful transformation.

Guided by the divine, Operaskies emphasizes the importance of steering the course of change towards love, peace, and integrity. She reminds us that even our enemies carry their own burdens of pain, calling for empathy and compassion in the face of adversity. Each opportunity we seize to illuminate darkness becomes a melodic beacon that resonates throughout the world.

In the depths of Operaskies' song, the echoes of a great visionary reverberate—the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His indomitable spirit and timeless mantra, "I Had A Dream," continue to inspire generations. Although skeptics once believed his dream would remain unfulfilled, his message of love, peace, and harmony persevered. Operaskies recognizes him as the trendsetter of a global movement, his vision clear and beautiful.
In a resounding declaration, Operaskies proclaims her commitment to carrying forth Dr. King's dream. Through her heartfelt rendition, she embodies his unwavering conviction and determination. Her lyrics resound with a sense of urgency, proclaiming that her dream is unstoppable, irrespective of her physical presence. The uncomfortable nature of progress is acknowledged, but the inevitability of change aligns with God's desire for His children to embrace love and unity.

Operaskies dedicates her song, filled with love, peace, and harmony, to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., honoring his legacy as the catalyst for transformation. In her mind's eye, she envisions a world where all of God's children come together in harmonious unity, sharing laughter, smiles, and a common purpose. Through the power of music, Operaskies envisions a heavenly symphony, uplifting the world and radiating a transcendent love that knows no bounds.

As we bask in the radiance of Operaskies' artistry, we are reminded of the transformative potential of a song. It has the ability to ignite the hearts of future generations, fostering a more beautiful and harmonious world. Together, let us embrace Operaskies' anthem of change and unite in a collective mission to uplift humanity through the power of love.


Monday, January 8, 2024

Flipstyle™ Hits #10 On Spotify Charts


Flipstyle™ is a New England based entertainer who has been taking the industry by storm with his latest release, ‘Who Is Mr. Shimley?’.  The album features the hit single Modern Entertainment, Pt. 1 (2023 Remastered Version) by Flipstyle ft. Melissa.  This groundbreaking hit record has been blowing up the charts, earning several accolades including being the largest gainer on Spotify Miami Local Pulse landing at #10 and also earned a plaque from Spotify Los Angeles Local Pulse charting at #64.

Flipstyle™ is dedicated to creating and providing the highest quality entertainment to help uplift and motivate all cultures of the world.  Since 2019, Flipstyle™ has released 9 solo albums, produced 1000s of songs for artists of all genres, and is also the founder of Street Music Records. 

Be sure to follow @flipstylemusic on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat and visit and stay in tune with all the latest music, videos, news & trends, and so much more!

V Knuckles - "The Next Chapter" (prod. by Phoniks) (Dir. by Chow Films) (VIDEO)

Boston/Cambridge, MA emcee V Knuckles and Portland, ME producer Phoniks present the new visuals for “The Next Chapter,” the title track for the album by this East Coast dynamic duo. Directed By Chow Films, this is Real Hip-Hop in its purest form! The album is out now on All Platforms and the vinyl is available in two color-ways for purchase on Bandcamp!

T-Zander Releases 'Slide' (Video)

In "Slide," T-Zander showcases an innovative fusion of genres, set to redefine the musical landscape. His unique sound is a blend of melodic R&B and rhythmic hip-hop.

Friday, January 5, 2024

T.U. Savant's Echoes: The "Special Needs" Saga

Dive into the resonant world of T.U. Savant with "Special Needs," where every song crafts a story of struggle, love, and resilience. Stepping aside from "Not a Regular," this album showcases Savant's unique ability to convey deep emotional truths through a fusion of infectious rhythms and poignant lyrics, making it a testament to his journey and growth as an artist.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Troublemaker - Shots (Video)


Step into the rough end rugged streets of Far Rockaway ,NY with Troublemaker, the uncrowned Kibg of Drill, as he unleashes his latest music video for "Shots." Immerse yourself in the raw energy of the city as Troublemaker's lyrics and beats paint a vivid picture of life in the fast lane. From the rhythm of the beat to the intense visuals, this music video is a powerful expression of Troublemaker's artistry and the relentless spirit of Far Rock's drill scene. Get ready for a cinematic journey through the urban jungle, where every frame tells a story of resilience and ambition.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Lila Crimson - "Unstoppable Love"


Hello, world. I'm Lila Crimson, and music? Well, it's the pulse of my existence, the thread that stitches the fabric of my soul. It has been my oldest confidant, my greatest muse, and the language that fills the spaces between our hearts.

From my earliest memories, melodies and rhythms have been more than just sounds. They have been my compass, guiding me through the chapters of my life. Every strum on my guitar, every beat on my drums is not just a note but a piece of my shared history with you. My instruments are more than tools; they are extensions of myself, painting a universe of emotions and stories for every ear that listens.

To me, music is the universal dialect of our world. It breaks down walls, builds bridges, transcends boundaries, and effortlessly dances across the vast distances that separate us. My goal? To create songs that, no matter where you are or where you come from, touch your soul, evoke a memory, or simply offer a moment of solace.

Introducing the reflection of my soul, "Eternal Reverberations." This 18-track odyssey is not just about my experiences or stories but our collective journey, emotions, and dreams. It's an invitation, a window into my world that I hope reflects fragments of yours. As you dive into each song, I dream that you may catch glimpses of yourself and the stories that define you, just as I have found pieces of my identity in every note and lyric.

But remember, this album is just a whisper in the grand symphony of our shared musical adventure. There's an endless array of stories waiting to be told, melodies to be sung, and rhythms to be danced to. My excitement for what lies ahead is electric, and the invitation for you to join me is always open.

So let's raise a toast to the unwritten notes, the echoes of the future, and the songs waiting in the wings. Cheers to "Eternal Reverberations" and our shared journey through the endless tapestry of music. Dive with me, one song, one story, one heartbeat at a time.