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Sunday, March 31, 2024

L4 Leek - "From L4 With Luv"


New EP from L4 Leek bringing back the raw trap view to music. Like prime Gucci, Gotti, & Jeezy. Check out "From L4 With Luv" below and follow L4 Leek on social media for his latest releases.


Thursday, March 28, 2024

Devert Artimas - "Brand New (Freestyle)"


For more than ten years, Bay Area rapper and icon Devert Artimas has been a staple on the west coast hip hop scene and entertainment venues throughout California. But with his newly released freestyle single "Brand New", Devert unleashes a slappin' hip-hop anthem laden with raw lyrical content inspired by his Bay Area upbringing and musical family background. Now based in Los Angeles, Artimas has upcoming tracks with Bobby Brown protege Frank Stickemz, member of "Tony, Toni, Tone" called "F.Y.I." and Hollywood movie soundtrack producer 2K Kent, among other high profile projects in his ever increasing itenerary. Check out this hard hitting banger now on YouTube, IG, and Spotify.


Sc: Risktakerd-a
Fb: Devert Artimas

Apple playlist:

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Mubu Kush God (_Bubbleeye) - SkeeYee G-mix

THe Mubu Kush God " Bubble Eye" drops his G-Mix to Sexyy Reds " SkeeYee "be on the lookout for another #MubuMondays drop and tap on with the Kush God va Twitter @_bubbleeye & IG @Bubbleeye_

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Wapseddy - "When I Ride" ft. Komo


Introducing "When I Ride" by Wapseddy ft. Komo!

Get ready to groove to the infectious rhythms of Afrobeat, Afrobeats, and Afropop in this captivating collaboration.

Wapseddy and Komo come together to bring you a fusion of sounds that transcends borders and cultures, creating a truly global vibe.

From the pulsating beats to the smooth vocals, "When I Ride" takes you on a journey through the essence of Afrobeat and the spirit of the world.

So grab your dancing shoes and get ready to move, because when this track drops, the party never stops!

#Wapseddy #Komo #WhenIRide #Afrobeat #Afrobeats #Afropop #WorldMusic #GlobalVibes #DanceFloorAnthem 



Quincy Acklin, better known by his stage name globalqtheartist (or Global Q for short), is an American R&B recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Global Q built a name for himself within the music scenes in Atlanta and is known for having a sweet pen and a unique artistic skill set. The self-proclaimed Trap Soul God is looking to bridge the gap between the musical styles of artists such as Future, Bryson Tiller and Brent Faiyaz. After moving overseas to the middle east, Q has managed to mold his style into a modern, toxic, playboy type vibe. A vibe that will become easily familiar to those who dare to listen. Globalqtheartist is looking to introduce his versatile style to the world as he spews his spin on the R&B trap soul genre. Be on the lookout for GlobalQtheartist's debut album Foreign Lands which will be coming in 2024!!

Lonti - "Materialistic"


Introducing "Materialistic" by Lonti!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of "Materialistic" by Lonti, where powerful lyrics and infectious beats collide.

With raw authenticity and unfiltered emotion, Lonti delivers a message that resonates deeply in today's society.

From the struggle for self-worth to the allure of material possessions, this track explores the complexities of modern life with honesty and insight.

Experience the transformative power of music as Lonti takes you on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

King Koko - "As Gaeilge"


King Koko also known as the "Bad Infront Baddie" is a Multi Genre Artist from Ireland who specialises in Rap, R&B, Trap and Hip-Hop. Her Boss, CEO energy is conveyed in her delivery and flow while also coming up with mind blowing word schemes. Welcome to her journey

theQure - "Can't Stand"



Eric Ortiz - "2 A.M. Interlude" ft. TornSoul


Dive into the depths of the night with "2 a.m (Interlude)" by Eric Ortiz ft. TornSoul! Let the haunting melodies and soul-stirring vocals of Eric Ortiz and TornSoul transport you to a realm of introspection and emotion.

As the world sleeps, this interlude awakens the senses, weaving a tale of love, longing, and late-night contemplations.

From the quiet whispers of the night to the echoes of the soul, "2 a.m" is a musical journey that will linger in your mind long after the night fades into dawn.

E Murda - "Redrum"


Born and raised in [Born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Stamford CT Ursula place projects ]

• Influenced by legendary hip-hop artists like [lox heavy since they close by and relatable due to Yonkers being slept on by the boroughs like CT in the rap scene n growing up we would see jadakiss a lot n biggie ]

• Started rapping at the age of 12 [late step dad taught him how to rap around 12]

• Gained recognition in [2019] with debut mixtape [Omertá]

• Known for lyricism, storytelling, and unique flow

• Collaborated with artists such as [benny the butcher,Conway The Machine, OT the Real,38 Spesh,Nems, Smoke DZA]

• Performed at notable venues and events like [SXSW 2023 did 3 tours 1.European Tour wit Conway The Machine 2. First headlining tour with Fuego base 3. Tour with 38 Spesh]

• Featured in [Magazine/Website] as an emerging talent

• Active on social media, connecting with fans worldwide

Chuckwavy - "Modelo Negro" ft. That Mexican OT


Introducing "Modelo Negro" by Chuckwavy feat. That Mexican OT! 

Get ready to turn up the heat with this fiery collaboration! 

Chuckwavy and That Mexican OT bring the vibes like never before, blending smooth flows and infectious beats in a fusion of hip-hop and Latin flair. 

"Modelo Negro" isn't just a song; it's a celebration of culture, energy, and good times. From the streets to the clubs, this track is guaranteed to keep you grooving all night long. 

So grab your drink, gather your crew, and let the music take control. With Chuckwavy and That Mexican OT on the mic, the party never stops!

#Chuckwavy #ThatMexicanOT #ModeloNegro #HipHop #LatinVibes #PartyAnthem #GoodTimes 

"Good Mother" Album Release by FERGE X FISHERMAN

FERGE X FISHERMAN's "Good Mother" stands as a testament to their growth as artists and individuals. This album weaves together the intricacies of jazz with the rhythm of hip-hop, creating an experience that feels both innovative and nostalgic. Released on March 22, 2024, the album explores themes of maturity, decision-making, and the passage of time.

Collaborations with artists like Mick Jenkins and Jerome Thomas add depth to the narrative, enriching the duo's storytelling through music. From the reflective "What Have We Become" to the energetic "Racing," each track contributes to the album's exploration of life's ebbs and flows. Through "Good Mother," FERGE X FISHERMAN have crafted a soundscape that invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Dom Pachino - The Rusty Bullet (Video)

Get ready to immerse yourself in the intense and incendiary world of Dom Pachino, as he unleashes his latest music video, "The Rusty Bullet." This Napalm Artist is set to ignite streets on March 7th, paving the way for the highly anticipated release of his new album, "FIREGOD 2: THE RISE OF THE PHOENIX."

“The Rusty Bullet" is produced by Mr. Tera, and the visual masterpiece was shot by Napalm Films, capturing the raw energy and lyrical powers that Dom Pachino is renowned for. Brace yourself for an Explosive cinematic experience that mirrors the firepower in his music. From the gritty streets to the fiery beats, Dom Pachino takes you on a journey through the heart of Shaolin. 

Friday, March 22, 2024

Propa Music and Arts Publishing LLC, in Collaboration with Iconic Worldwide Entertainment Group, Announces the Release of "My Empire" Featuring Gucci Mane


Los Angeles, CA - Propa Music and Arts Publishing LLC, in partnership with its management company, Iconic Worldwide Entertainment Group, is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated single "My Empire," featuring the legendary Gucci Mane. The track is now released across all major streaming platforms.

"My Empire" is a powerful collaboration that showcases the raw talent and vision of the emerging artists Nune Aka Mr. Propane, combined with the unparalleled style and flow of Gucci Mane. This single marks a significant milestone in the music industry, bridging the gap between the roots of hip-hop and its future, encapsulating themes of resilience, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of success.

Recorded in Los Angeles, "My Empire" was produced by a team of acclaimed producers, Anno Domini Nation, who have crafted a sound that is both innovative and reminiscent of hip-hop's golden era. The track promises to be an anthem for anyone striving to build their legacy against all odds, resonating with listeners across the globe.

About Propa Music and Arts Publishing LLC: Propa Music and Arts Publishing LLC (PMA Publishing) is a forward-thinking music and arts publishing company, dedicated to discovering and nurturing talent in the hip-hop genre. With a focus on authenticity and innovation, PMA Publishing aims to push the boundaries of music while staying true to the art form's roots.

About Iconic Worldwide Entertainment Group: Iconic Worldwide Entertainment Group is a Los Angeles-based management company renowned for its commitment to excellence in the entertainment industry. Representing a diverse roster of talent, Iconic Worldwide is dedicated to elevating artists' careers to new heights, ensuring their music reaches audiences worldwide.

For further information, please contact:  

Trammell & Associates (Iconic Worldwide Music Group)

Michael Trammell (CEO)


"We are beyond excited to release My Empire into the world! This collaboration with Gucci Mane is not just a song; it's a statement. We believe it will resonate deeply with fans of hip-hop and music lovers everywhere. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such an icon of the genre and can't wait for everyone to hear it." Follow Nune Aka Mr. Propane on Instagram @nune_mrpropane |Gucci Mane @laflare1017

Official Website

_thesmoothcat and Wino Willy Share Thoughtful New Album, "Ready, Set"


_thesmoothcat and Wino Willy have caught our attention for their new album, titled Ready, Set. The record finds the two prolific artists connecting for a refreshing, atmospheric record that employs expansive, jazzy sampling and organic rhythms from Wino Willy to underscore _thesmoothcat’s poignant flows. His focused, forthright rhyming style is cohesively suitable to Willy’s grounded, intentional production- and the two come together for a record that revitalizes with an otherworldly resonance on Ready, Set.

The astral, dusty hypnosis of “Brand New” sets a meditative tone at the start of the record- with _thesmoothcat’s poignant, sharply-crafted flows merging suitably with Wino Willy’s atmospheric instrumentation. “I LIKE”’s warm grooves and celestial keys create an apt backdrop for a tapestry of evocative verses- while “HAND EYE”, featuring Wakai, implements a wisened, worldly feel with its balmy grooves, expansive instrumentation, and detailed lyricism. Closer “SAY MY NAME” employs a trap-influenced beat to great effect, with drifting, introspective key riffs, crisp percussion, and booming bass paired with _thesmoothcat’s effortlessly charismatic verses.

Ready, Set originated in late 2020, beat-maker/ producer Charles Corpening ( Wino Willy ) took a gig mixing a live- stream for a mural dedication in New Orleans featuring a performance by  _thesmoothcat ( Josh Henderson) &  9th Life. Corpening was so moved by their sound that he captured the raw audio on the spot and began flipping it as soon as he got home.  The levity and joy in the streets that he heard in Josh’s music in contrast to the darkness of the times conjured feelings of his youth in Philadelphia and the cultural similarities across both cities. Shortly after, he reached out to Josh and the collaboration that led to Ready, Set was born. Concurrently, Corpening learned that he would be a father for the first time -  an auspicious beginning for multiple new endeavors. 

Josh gave Charles a CD that he played in the car constantly with his daughter in utero. As she grew, so did the music. Inspired by Josh’s plethora of influences and the soulful viscosity of organ and keyboard jams heard at night on WWOZ radio.  Corpening approached his process and fatherhood with a fresh perspective, trading electronic drums for live ones and even composing some of the beats in the hospital during his daughter’s birth.  Notwithstanding the wrath of life in the city, some of the equipment he used to make the sounds on the record were destroyed in Hurricane Ida, Thankfully much of the tracking was completed. 

For Henderson, the collaboration has the excitement of that new car feeling, conveyed on the album’s first track Brand New, but as the title, Ready Set suggests these 10 tracks just begin to scratch the surface of what’s to come from _thesmoothcat and Wino Willy.

Take a listen to _thesmoothcat and Wino Willy’s latest offering, Ready, Set here- as it paints vivid, psychedelic pictures for the listener with intimate vignettes.

DaWreck (@Dawrecks) & Never - Game

Turn up the volume as West Side Chicago artist " Never " from the platinum group Crucial Conflict and DaWreck from the Hood legendary group Triple Darkness. as they blaze the streets and speakers with their latest video release.

So After you peep the " GAME " visual tap in with DaWreck via Instagram @Dawreck & X via @Dawrecks

JimEMacLive (@JIMEMAC03) F/ Ralo the Pimp - "Choose ℗"

In the realm of Hip Hop music emerging stars we have JimEMacLive and Ralo tha Pimp. JimEMacLive links up with Ralo tha Pimp to release the smash single "Choose". ℗Hip-hop has long been rooted in authenticity, and it's hard to find someone who puts his sweat & tears into the genre like JimEMacLIVE. Growing up on the streets of Indianapolis, crime & violence were prevalent right outside his door, however, a younger version of himself found solace inside with his mother. Helping her clean the house to the sounds of Al Hudson, and discovering music from the likes of E40 & 2 Pac helped shape his musical taste from an early age. When he decided to start crafting his own sound during his teenage years, while the skillset was unpolished, his unwavering determination & versatility were as present as ever. When darkness surrounds his city, JimEMacLIVE wants to be that ray of light piercing through the veil. "This is my therapy. Love, gratitude, determination; you can overcome any & all obstacles that come before you as long as you believe." Make sure you listen to JimEMacLive feat. Ralo tha Pimp "Choose" ℗ on all digital platforms.

Thursday, March 21, 2024


Grammy-nominated Washington, D.C.-based singer/songwriter/emcee Mumu Fresh presents her new single "My Why". Produced by Carvin Haggins and Johhny Smith, "My Why" will appear on The Healing, Mumu's forthcoming album which will also feature contributions from DJ Jazzy Jeff, Nile Hargrove, 14KT, Daniel Crawford, Vidal Davis, DJ Dummy and more. Mumu has collaborated with Lil Wayne & Tech N9ne (stream "Too Good"), Busta Rhymes, Salaam Remi & Black Thought of The Roots (watch the music video for "No Peace") and Common (watch Mumu Fresh and Common perform "I Used To Love H.E.R." live) and Tobi Nwigwe (watch the music video for "Tundah Fiyah"). Mumu has performed on two separate NPR Tiny Desk concerts (watch Mumu Fresh featuring Black Thought of The Roots & DJ Dummy on NPR's Tiny Desk) and has performed worldwide at events like the Essence Music Festival, Montreux Switzerland’s Jazz Festival and Dubai’s Sole Fest DBX. "State of Emergency" marks another chapter in a career of self-described "art activism" for the Baltimore native who has performed and given lectures within the US prison system, The Congressional Black Caucus, I.M.A.N. Central in Chicago & Atlanta, The W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Ford Foundation and The Indigenous People’s Movement. Mumu is co-creator of the Recording Academy’s “Best Song For Social Change” trustee award which went live in 2023 at the 66th GRAMMY awards show and was presented by The First Lady, Jill Biden. The winner of Indigenous Music, Washington Area Music (WAMMIE) and Urban World Music Video awards, Mumu has served as Musical and Cultural Ambassador for the US State Department, Ambassador of The Black Music Collective and is a former elected governor of the DC chapter of The Recording Academy. Mumu describes "My Why" as "a tribute to that person(s), place, or thing in your life that is your "WHY". Your reason not to give up. Your reason to keep trying and to push a little harder than you thought you could. You why reminds you of what you're made of and brings out the best in you." The Healing drops April 19

Wednesday, March 20, 2024


K Smith, the talented nephew of entertainment icon Will Smith, delivers a powerful message with his new single "LOVE KILLS". This hard-hitting collaboration with rising star Yung Kash Capre (YKC) explores the harsh realities of misplaced loyalty on the streets and its devastating consequences.

Set against the gritty backdrop of Philadelphia, the "LOVE KILLS" music video starkly visualizes the song's cautionary message. It highlights the false sense of love that often exists on the streets, warning listeners that misplaced loyalty can lead them down a dark path.

YKC's journey, marked by hardship and triumph, adds depth to the track. His endurance through the loss of his mom and brother in 2021, a shooting, and incarceration have only reinforced his grit and passion for his music career. These experiences have catalyzed the creation of Doggy Dept, marking a new chapter.

For K Smith, stepping away from the microphone to explore and excel in executive roles has brought an enriched perspective to his craft. His reemergence in the music world is a narrative of evolution, as he brings newfound depth to his art.

K Smith and YKC's unique styles blend seamlessly on this track, and it's just a taste of what's to come. Their ongoing collaboration promises a steady stream of powerful music with raw energy and real-life stories.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Marco Da Kid (Big KidLMG) " 350 Freestyle "

Fresh off the press East Atlanta zone 6s Mayor " Marco the Kidd is back with his latest visual " 350 Freestyle " Turn the speakers up as MarcoDaKidd drops his freestyle over Lil babys 350 beat.

So peep the new visual, directed by Kahlel productions and Stay locked in with the Zone 6 Mayor via Twitter @marcodakid & IG @BIGKIDLMG

Monday, March 18, 2024

SKGLIZZII Unveils New Music and Video "Tunnel Vision”


Rising music sensation SKGLIZZII, renowned for his captivating blend of authenticity and raw talent, is poised to enthrall fans once again with the release of his latest single and accompanying music video, "Tunnel Vision."

"Tunnel Vision" marks a significant milestone in SKGLIZZII's musical journey, representing his evolution as an artist and his steadfast commitment to delivering compelling narratives that resonate deeply with listeners. Through this track, SKGLIZZII delves into themes of resilience, determination, and overcoming adversity, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

In "Tunnel Vision," SKGLIZZII's poignant lyrics and emotive delivery create an immersive musical experience that leaves a lasting impression. The track showcases his ability to craft powerful storytelling, offering listeners a glimpse into his personal journey and the lessons he's learned along the way.

Accompanying the release of "Tunnel Vision" is an electrifying music video that vividly brings the song's narrative to life. Shot against dynamic urban landscapes, the video serves as a visual representation of SKGLIZZII's message, further enhancing the impact of the song.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind "Tunnel Vision," SKGLIZZII shared, "This song is deeply personal to me, as it reflects my journey of self-discovery and overcoming obstacles. 'Tunnel Vision' is about staying focused on your goals and refusing to be deterred by challenges or setbacks. I hope that listeners will find inspiration and strength in the message of this song."

"Tunnel Vision" is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

For more information about SKGLIZZII and his latest releases, visit his official website at and follow him on social media @SKGLIZZII.


SKGLIZZII is a rising music sensation known for his captivating blend of authenticity and raw talent. Hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina, SKGLIZZII has quickly become one of the most exciting and dynamic artists in the music industry today. With his powerful storytelling, emotive delivery, and infectious beats, SKGLIZZII continues to captivate audiences around the world and garner widespread acclaim.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Carlito’s Way: How Maryland-born rapper CARLITO wowed fans with a deeply intricate style and searingly honest lyrics


By combining a laidback vocal style with complex lyrics, Carlito manages to load his verses with fiery honesty. It’s why his latest single, ‘Losing Control’, has become a hit with listeners


Who is Carlito?  


Hailing from Largo, Maryland, Carlito is an emerging rapper who is already winning fans over for his meticulous yet honest rapping style.


Having grown up around music, Carlito took inspiration from a number of places when he was younger. Carlito’s original love for music is closely related to his Afro-Latino heritage. Similarly, this unique heritage is what encouraged Carlito to start penning lyrics about identity, representation, individuality, and what it means to be a man in modern-day America.


But despite his love for making songs, Carlito’s journey into the music industry has been “far from traditional”, as he is the first to admit. Carlito started off as a film student and an actor in New York City, and thought his career was destined to go down one of these routes.


But the freewheeling creativity of New York City was constantly opening up new avenues for Carlito - and he quickly found himself inspired by rap artists who were emerging at the time.


In particular, Carlito witnessed the meteoric rise of Pop Smoke during the 2010s, admitting that it “ignited a fire within him to carve his path in the music industry.”


A future rap star was born.


What do I need to know about Carlito’s music?


Carlito's vocal rap style and the production of his songs are what make him unique as an artist. He has been called “genre-defying”, for the simple fact that his songs blend, rap, R&B, soul, and a pop sensibility - all while keeping the listener guessing in terms of the lyrical content.


Carlito’s music is prized for the fact that he can take a deceptively simple laidback beat, and deliver all manner of thought-provoking, dynamic lyrics into the mic. He has said that his creative process mirrors his “free-spirited nature”, and that he favors spontaneous and intuitive songwriting above planning everything out in advance. You can hear this clearly on recent releases, such as his October 2023 track ‘Losing Control’, where he spits ferociously emotive bars like they’ve just sprung to his head at that moment.


In terms of inspiration for his music, Carlito draws from the greatest rap legends of his era - Lil Wayne, Drake - as well as finding inspiration from the timeless harmonies of Michael Jackson.


But if his music sounds different from the artists who have inspired him, that’s because Carlito has perfected a style that is distinctly his own.


Where can I hear more from Carlito?


Carlito’s latest single, ‘Losing Control’, was shared with the world late in 2023. It was the follow-up to his previous project ‘Conversations’.


‘Losing Control’ is currently available on all major music platforms, and he has also shared an excellent music video to accompany the release.


You can hear Carlito’s music on Spotify, or follow him on Instagram and X (Twitter).  

For Media Contact

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

A new way to experience music - Al-enriched music experiences and interactive digital narratives


Music is the soundtrack of our lives, enriching even the simplest moments with its melody. Whether it's a leisurely stroll in the park or a lively gathering with friends, music transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

But what sets apart one music experience from another? Is it the platform, the sound quality, or the very essence of the experience itself? With the advent of AI and cutting-edge technology in 2024, it's time for music to transcend its traditional boundaries and become as immersive as our real-world experiences.

The global market for AI in the music industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7% from 2020 to 2027, reaching $1.76 billion by the end of the forecast period, according to a report by Grand View Research. According to a survey by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), 61% of consumers believe that AI has the potential to improve music discovery and recommendation.

Enter — a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize how we engage with music. Using the latest advancements in acoustic intelligence, it seamlessly works with any of your favorite music and media streaming apps or live radios, enhancing and deepening your connection.

Imagine a world where connecting with your favorite artists is as effortless as pressing play. No more scouring the internet for concert tickets or navigating multiple websites for merchandise and information. With, everything you need is seamlessly integrated into a single app. With a quick intelligence upgrade you can start earning digital tokens and get rewarded for your attention!

Say goodbye to the days of scattered media. Within the immersive realm of, users can explore exclusive releases, discover coveted merchandise, secure event tickets, and even delve into the world of NFTs.

But isn't just a platform; it's a haven for audiophiles. With built-in D1 AUDIO, a new AI based media format that elevates every note and lyric to new heights of clarity and depth, the music comes alive like never before.

Gone are the days of passive consumption. With, users are empowered to curate their musical journey. From uncovering hidden gems to mastering chords and accessing karaoke-grade lyrics, the possibilities are limitless.

And music is meant to be shared. Whether you're jamming out with friends in the same room or halfway across the globe,'s "Music Beam" feature synchronizes your playback for a truly immersive experience, creating memories that last a lifetime.

As the future of music unfolds, AI continues to shape and enhance our listening experiences. It's time to embrace this technological evolution and elevate our musical encounters into personalized, shareable moments that deepen our connection with the artists.

The stage is set, and the adventure awaits. Welcome to, where the future of music awaits your discovery. Experience music in a whole new light by downloading the app today from the Apple Store.

Rising Star S Davinci's Latest Visual "Like Mike" Gains Traction in the Music Industry


The music world is buzzing with excitement as rising artist S Davinci's latest single "Like Mike" continues to make waves and capture the attention of listeners worldwide. Known for his innovative approach and genre-defying sound, S Davinci is quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

"Like Mike" showcases S Davinci's unique blend of captivating storytelling and infectious beats, drawing listeners in with its irresistible energy and catchy melodies. The song's thought-provoking lyrics and S Davinci's smooth delivery make it a standout track that resonates with audiences on a deep level.

With its dynamic production and undeniable charisma, "Like Mike" has quickly become a fan favorite, earning praise for its creativity and originality. S Davinci's ability to push boundaries and create music that is both innovative and relatable sets him apart as a rising star with unlimited potential.

As S Davinci continues to build momentum with "Like Mike," fans can look forward to more exciting releases and projects on the horizon. His dedication to his craft and passion for pushing the limits of creativity make him an artist to watch in 2024 and beyond.

"Like Mike" by S Davinci is available now on all major streaming platforms. To stay updated on S Davinci's latest music and upcoming endeavors, be sure to follow him on social media and visit his official website.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Unveiling Yung Dub D's Latest Release: "Liquor"


In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, artists continually strive to push boundaries, innovate, and captivate audiences with their unique sounds and styles. 

One such artist making waves in the music scene is none other than Yung Dub D, an American rapper, producer, and songwriter whose latest release, "Liquor," has been causing a stir among fans and critics alike. 

Exploring the Sound of "Liquor" 

"Liquor" is a testament to Yung Dub D's versatility as an artist, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend elements of hip-hop, R&B, and trap to create a sound that is entirely his own. 

Yung Dub D's lyrical prowess takes center stage as he delivers poignant verses that delve into themes of love, desire, and the intoxicating allure of forbidden pleasures.


Yung Dub D: A Rising Star 

With "Liquor," Yung Dub D further solidifies his status as one of the most exciting talents to emerge in the music industry in recent years. 

His unique blend of infectious melodies, captivating lyrics, and undeniable charisma sets him apart from his peers, earning him a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim.


Connect with Yung Dub D 

For those eager to stay updated on Yung Dub D's latest projects, releases, and performances, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @officialyungdubd. 

Join the nation of Yung Dub D enthusiasts and embark on a musical journey unlike any other.









Sunday, March 10, 2024

Sukihana Drops New Single "Selling" - A Bold and Empowering Anthem for Women


Rising rap artist Sukihana has just released her highly anticipated new single, "Selling". The track, which is now available on all major streaming platforms, is a bold and empowering anthem for women everywhere.
Known for her unapologetic and raw lyrics, Sukihana's latest release is no exception. "Selling" is a powerful and unapologetic celebration of women's sexuality and the power they hold in their own bodies. With a catchy beat and infectious chorus, the song is sure to become a fan favorite.
In a recent interview, Sukihana shared her inspiration behind the song, stating, "I wanted to create a song that empowers women to embrace their sexuality and not be ashamed of it. We live in a society that often shames women for owning their bodies and their desires, and I wanted to challenge that narrative with this song."
"Selling" is just the latest in a string of successful releases for Sukihana, who has been making waves in the music industry with her unique sound and unapologetic attitude. With her growing fan base and undeniable talent, she is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene.
Fans can catch Sukihana performing "Selling" and other hits during her set at Rolling Loud California , which kicks off March 17th. With her fierce energy and empowering message, Sukihana is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences everywhere. Don't miss out on the chance to see this rising star in action.
For more information on Sukihana and her music, visit her official website and follow her on social media. "Selling" is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms. Don't miss out on this powerful and empowering new release from one of the hottest names in rap music.
Follow SUKIHANA Instagram

Saturday, March 9, 2024

C.Rowe Releases New Mixtape "New Sauga"


Crowned “Best New Solo Artist” by Mississauga Music Awards, rapper C.Rowe has officially released New Sauga, a mixtape alluded to on social media throughout the 8 months of its production. New Sauga is captivating listeners with unexplored sounds, combining southside style with trap, Jersey drill and C.Rowe’s unique use of melodies and cadence. This contemporary take on Tory Lanez’s The New Toronto mixtape spans over 20 unprecedented songs and incorporates many distinguished features such as YTN Paco, Buggz, Cholocash and Toronto Legend, Roney. 

Following the release, fans proved shocked to see Roney and C.Rowe had collaborated again, this time on “Switches” the remix subsequent to the original which had earned over 100k streams on spotify alone. The success of the tape and the rapport it’s earned with fans has encouraged C.Rowe to go on tour early this spring with Roney, performing all over Canada with the possibility of more dates and cities being added this summer.

Currently, listeners are anticipating the “Why you F****** with my Heart?” music video premier. The song has earned a monumental rendition for its profound depiction of C.Rowe’s life; it is being considered a statement piece portraying a sentiment exclusive to the rapper broadcasted through his voice, lyrics and visuals. The ostentatious video will set the tone for C.Rowe’s imminent prosperity this year as he consistently and vigorously demonstrates dedication to his craft. Fans can look forward to more music videos from New Sauga as well as more tour dates and hopefully, more music. 

For more information on C.Rowe, please review his website, Spotify and Instagram. For direct bookings, contact him through email.

Santa Sallet X Nemizzo (MSP) - "Big Hands"

DMV-based rapper/producer Santa Sallet and France-based producer Nemizzo are MSP, presenting their new single "Big Hands". Sallet has been busy showcasing his brand of East Coast braggadocious rap across a slew of recent singles like "Camouflage" (watch on Youtube), "I Get Money" (watch on Youtube), "Championship Ring" (watch on Youtube) and "Chinese Funk" (watch on Youtube) in preparation for the release of Plutography, Sallet's forthcoming album which blends salsa beats, southern trap, and eastern jazz with classic and conventional rap samples, reflecting Sallet's international upbringing across South Africa, Dominica and the US. Sallet is planning a series of full-length releases, among them C.R.E.A.M. which recounts his journey from broke to financially free, and Women and R.A.P. which describe his pursuit of success in relationships and the music industry respectively. "This is the song that really started MSP Tunes," Santa says. "Nemizzo had laid down his verse and I was like, let me try something on this and I just talked about what I knew. What I think is funny, the outro is actually me recording a bunch of potential beat tags. There was a miscommunication and Nemizzo extended the beat and made it the outro. I like it though lol." Check out Santa Sallet merch here.

'Sosa': A New Chapter in Hip-Hop by DJ J-Wealth, Will Pen, and Slash

In "Sosa," DJ J-Wealth, Will Pen, and Slash come together to pen a new chapter in the story of hip-hop. This track highlights DJ J-Wealth's sophisticated approach to music production, enriched by the lyrical depth of Will Pen and the unmistakable vigor of Slash. "Sosa" serves as a cultural touchstone, weaving together narratives of resilience and triumph that resonate with listeners worldwide. The song's intricate beats and compelling lyrics reflect the artists' dedication to excellence and innovation. As "Sosa" garners acclaim across various platforms, it cements the trio's status as pioneers in the evolution of the hip-hop genre.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Big Dese & Mike Martinez - Show Em prod. by Mike Martinez + Album Stream

Massachusetts rapper Big Dese and Florida producer Mike Martinez are following up an incredibly productive 2023 by dropping two full length projects on the same day! One of these projects is the album "Metta World Dese."

The single off the aforementioned album is a dark, brooding track called "Show Em," in which Big Dese demonstrates why he is one of the best wordsmiths to touch a mic. Complete with witty, hard-hitting bars and a unique delivery, Dese is on fire here. He showcases his skills over a grimy bed of ominous sample chops and drums by Martinez. Add in the infectious hook and Dese & Mike have a winner with this track. 'Metta World Dese' is available for purchase & streaming on all platforms! Also check out "Don Artest" the 2nd album that dropped today on all platforms!

Big Dese & Mike Martinez - Games prod. by Mike Martinez + Album Stream

Massachusetts rapper Big Dese and Florida producer Mike Martinez are following up an incredibly productive 2023 by dropping two full length projects on the same day! One of these projects is the album "Don Artest."

"Games," the lead single is an upbeat, groovy track in which Big Dese talks about the haters that come with success, even amongst your own friends. He does so over a funky, bass guitar-driven backdrop provided by Martinez. A lot of people will be able to relate to this one! 'Don Artest' is available for purchase & streaming on all platforms! Also check out "Metta World Dese" the 2nd album that dropped today on all platforms!

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Jhettaheat ft. 80 Reef - "Fly Thru Drxgs"


Jhettaheat & 80 Reef just dropped a hot new mixtape titled "Fly Thru Drxgs". The rising artists were both born and raised in Mott Haven projects. Check out there new mixtape below and make sure you follow them on social media for their latest releases.


IG: @official_jhettaheat


Monday, March 4, 2024

JORD4NEVERDIED shines on new offering, "TACTIC!"


JORD4NEVERDIED's latest release, "TACTIC!", is a vibrant and experimental sonic journey that defies easy categorization. Blending elements of R&B, hip-hop, and more, the Boston-based artist creates a sound that's entirely his own.

With "TACTIC!", JORD4NEVERDIED showcases his ability to craft infectious, dynamic melodies that are underpinned by bouncy, lively percussion and booming 808s. The track's spacy, layered production adds to its otherworldly vibe, while JORD4NEVERDIED's pitched vocals convey a sense of urgency and desperation.

While "TACTIC!" showcases JORD4NEVERDIED's musical prowess, it can also be seen as a poignant exploration of love and hope in the face of adversity. With lyrics that speak to the struggles of those trapped in toxic relationships, the artist offers a message of resilience and perseverance that's sure to resonate with listeners.

The accompanying music video is a perfect complement to the track, with its dark surrealism and exciting pace adding to the overall experience.

JORD4NEVERDIED is a rising artist and producer hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. With a sound that blends hip-hop, R&B, and electronic elements, he has been making waves in the music scene with his unique style and captivating performances.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, JORD4NEVERDIED's music is characterized by its moody, atmospheric soundscapes and introspective lyrics. His use of auto-tune and other vocal effects adds to the otherworldly quality of his tracks, creating a sense of intimacy and vulnerability.

JORD4NEVERDIED first gained attention with the release of his debut EP, 'Blur,' which showcased his talent as both an artist and producer. Since then, he has continued to release a steady stream of singles and collaborations, building a dedicated following among fans of alternative and experimental music.

With his genre-defying sound and emotionally charged performances, JORD4NEVERDIED is an artist to watch in the coming years. As he continues to evolve and push the boundaries of his music, there's no doubt that he will continue to captivate audiences and cement his place as one of Boston's most exciting and innovative artists.

Watch the new video for "TACTIC!" and stream the track while you're at it.

Friday, March 1, 2024

Ocho Mexico: Chicago's Complete Artistic Package Ready to Dominate 2024

Introduction: Embark on a musical journey with Ocho Mexico, Chicago's most promising artist and a complete package set to revolutionize the industry. Drawing comparisons to legends like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, Ocho Mexico is not only a Rapper/Biker hybrid but also a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from the vibrant West side of Chicago, his distinct blend of wit, smooth delivery, deep dramatic energy, and a touch of "battle rap" sets him apart. As he gears up for a monumental 2024, this electrifying and confident artist is poised to make history, with Bentley Records playing a pivotal role in his ascent.

Body: 1. The Fusion Maestro:

  • Ocho Mexico's musical prowess lies in his ability to seamlessly merge the realms of rap and biking, creating a unique fusion that captivates audiences. This distinctive blend promises a breath of fresh air in an industry often dominated by convention.
  1. West Side Chronicles:
  • Rooted in the cultural tapestry of Chicago's West side, Ocho Mexico draws inspiration from the city's rich history. Bentley Records recognizes and embraces this authenticity, providing a platform for his narrative to unfold and resonate with a global audience.
  1. Dynamic Flow and Battle Rap Etch:
  • Ocho Mexico's signature style is characterized by a witty, smooth, and deep dramatic energetic flow and tone. The "battle rap" etch in his delivery adds an element of raw authenticity, showcasing his prowess as a lyrical wordsmith. Bentley Records, known for fostering unique talents, recognizes and amplifies these distinctive qualities.
  1. Electrifying and Confident Persona:
  • Beyond his musical talent, Ocho Mexico exudes electrifying confidence, occasionally sprinkled with a touch of humor. Bentley Records, with its commitment to artists' individuality, provides the ideal platform for him to express this multifaceted persona, resonating with diverse audiences.
  1. Anticipating 2024:
  • As Ocho Mexico gears up for 2024, Bentley Records stands as a cornerstone in his journey. The collaboration promises a year filled with groundbreaking releases, innovative projects, and the forging of new industry landscapes. Stay tuned as Ocho Mexico, backed by Bentley Records, paves the way for a memorable chapter in music history.


Conclusion: In the evolving landscape of the music industry, Ocho Mexico stands tall as Chicago's complete artistic package, ready to dominate 2024 and beyond. Bentley Records recognizes and supports his unique fusion of genres, deep Chicago roots, dynamic flow, and electrifying persona. Together, they are set to create waves that will leave an indelible mark on the global music scene. Brace yourself for a transformative musical experience as Ocho Mexico, in collaboration with Bentley Records, takes center stage and shapes the narrative of the industry's future.

Presented by Bentley Records