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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

El Schism Releases his Dystopian Horrorcore Instrumental Album "Hijacked By Nano"

Philladelphia rooted Producer/Beat Maker "El Schism" The Disrupter debuts on Sound Alive Records with his dystopian orwelian Horror-Core brand of Beat-making and Lo-fi Spooky soundtrack for the die hard Emcee or Beat fanatic who urns for back alley through the lense perspective of present day society.  Forced vaccination, MK ultra mind manipulation, cloning centers, fake-news & drops straight out of George Orwell's "1984".  Most of this project could probably be used in "Silence of the lambs" or the sequel.  Dig deep in the mind of the mad beat scientist known as "El Schism" and experience "Hijacked By Nano" now, available on Sound Alive Records and all platforms.

Dub Sonata & BlackLiq - "The B-Side" (Prod. by Dub Sonata)

Do you believe in alternate realities? Parallel universes that coexist with ours while remaining self-contained? Richmond, VA spitter BlackLiq teams up with producer Dub Sonata on "The B-Side," an aptly titled single that asks these questions, while pondering both the differences and similarities between good and evil. The single is now streaming on all platforms and releases on a limited 7" lathe, backed with its own B-side, "Please Don't Scare Away The Hoes," courtesy of Man Bites Dog Records on 3/7/23.

Lord Enos - "Rebound"

Rebound is the international basketball anthem!! You will never win a game if your team doesn't get any Rebounds! This song is also relatable to life as well. If you shoot your shot don't give up go after the Rebound and try again

Edelson Hip Hop Video “THE REBELLION” Shines Spotlight on Tom Girardi/Erika Jayne Scandal

Edelson PC, one of the leading plaintiffs’ law firms in the country, has taken a stand against corrupt practices in the legal industry with their latest music video, “The Rebellion.” Written by Ari “ARI.” Scharg, a partner at the firm and directed by Gabe Hostetler of Guerrilla Hollywood, the video focuses on the Tom Girardi/Erika Jayne scandal, celebrity culture, and the need for greater accountability and transparency in the legal industry. The video was produced by Mike Mihail of Guerrilla Hollywood. The song was produced through Edelson Creative, the firm’s platform for producing creative content outside of traditional legal work, and was released just days after celebrity lawyer Tom Girardi was indicted by federal prosecutors in both California and Illinois.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Stavros Martina x MATTIA x Jasmin-Ann - "Ride Wit Me"

Amsterdam DJ/producer Stavros Martina presents "Ride Wit Me", his new single featuring MATTIA & Jasmin-Ann. Also known as the Remix King, Stavros' cover of Cyndi Lauper's 1980s' hit "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" garnered over 20 million Spotify streams and inspired a remix by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, two in a long list of collaborators that includes MATTN, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Skrillex, Dj Snake, Jazzy Jeff, DJ City, Freddy Moreira, Kriss Kross Amsterdam, and Partysquad. When asked about the track Stavros said "This is a childhood song and we remade it into something new." "Ride Wit Me" is out now on Paraiso Records.

Lord Willin & Redd Rebel - "Company Flows" (Prod. by Wolfman Jeckyll)

Providence rap titans Lord Willin & Redd Rebel are back with a new video for their Wolfman Jeckyll produced single "Company Flows." The song title is an ode to the essence of indie hip-hop and pays homage to the Brooklyn trio 'Company Flow' (El-P, Bigg Jus & Mr. Len) The visual shot by Tony Bizz finds the duo at Purchase Street Records vinyl shop dropping gritty bars over Wolfman's menacing melodies and industrial drum kicks. The single is off their new EP "Ill Gotten Gains" out now on all platforms!

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Abyss feat. Slaine & Seti Tzu - "The Old Me" (Prod. by The Arcitype)

Rapper Abyss joins forces with Mass legend Slaine and veteran singer/songwriter Seti Tzu to forge a remarkable hip-hop composition, over enigmatic production by celebrated producer The Arcitype. Their track "The Old Me" presents an unflinching account of life's challenges conveyed through their individual lenses - delivering an immersive experience that any genuine hip-hop fan will surely appreciate. This is the 1st single off Abyss' upcoming album "Magnum Opus" dropping 3/24 and it's available for pre-save now!

City Wind - Go Get It (Video)

Chicago born hip hop artist City Wind releases his new song and video “Go Get It.” This is a high-energy track with an infectious beat and catchy hook line that will make you want to dance in your seat.

City Wind, a recent hip hop sensation, has popped up on the scene and has been making waves in the industry. City Wind is a new voice in music with an old-school feel. He started by writing poetry, which led him to an organization for poets where he was introduced to a guy who made beats, but all of his beats were ones you could rap on. City Wind took up rapping and began practicing for months until he mastered his craft.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

V Knuckles feat. Tom Siletto - "Daylight" (Prod. by Phoniks Beats)

Cambridge rap artist V Knuckles drops his New Single "Daylight" feat. Tom Siletto on the vocals and a smooth backdrop provided by Phoniks Beats, just in time for Valentine's Day. Stream it now on all platforms!

"This track was dedicated to my beautiful & Loving Fiancé Kayla! Not only is she the mother of my son, she’s my Queen! Got a few of my talented homies to join me to make this classic love song, so it’s only right we drop on Valentine’s Day! This is for any man that loves his lady and I hope it starts a trend of loving in this hateful world we live In. Love is Love ❤️ "

-V Knuckles 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Double A.B. & Git Beats - "All The Time" (Prod. by Git Beats)

Queens, NY vet Double A.B. & Git Beats unveil their latest creation "All The Time," another offering from their upcoming album "Lungs Of Mahalia" coming soon.

Git’s haunting melody provides the perfect contrast to A.B.'s romantically risqué wordplay, making the song an enticing Valentine’s ballad right on time for the holiday. Check out the single now on all platforms!

Monday, February 13, 2023

Rico James - "Lemongrass"

Some find their place over a steaming pot, dodging the spitting grease from the frier or sweating purfusely on the steaks sizzling on the grill. Cooks find their calling in the kitchen, Producers like Rico James cook in a different space. Beaten drum pads, dusty records and unclogging gunk trapped under the needle on the turntable is where you might find him. Sampling, chopping, creating and then repeating. Both approaches are quite similar, ingredients have no less meaning and of course it's the secret dash of seasoning that is always the truest addition. What does this all have to do with anything or to matter to you the reader?

Man Bites Dog Records and all their wisdom has teamed up with Rico James to give the world "Rico De Gallo." What is this project with a fantasic pun of a name? It's a beat tape of course, full flavor and to indulge your senses even more, we included an outstanding salsa recipe. Yes, thats right friends!! Chips, Salsa and beats. We bring the salsa (recipe) and the beats, all we ask is you bring the chips. Let's party on March 3rd!!! And Don't be afraid to ask for seconds! The 1st Instrumental single "Lemongrass" is out now on All Digital Platforms! Pre-Order the project via the Man Bites Dog Records Bandcamp!

Star2 feat. $tupid Young - "6 Ft. Away"

San Diego based artist Star2 has just released the new single featuring acclaimed rapper $tupid Young. Entitled “6 Ft. Away” the two Asian-American rappers return with a punchy anthem about their thrilling lifestyle in the limelight. Over thumping bass, a razor-sharp beat, and intoxicating rhythmics, Star2 and $tupid Young note on the lessons they’ve learned from fame and fortune.

Star2 reached out to $tupid Young very early in his singing/rap career. $tupid Young, an icon in the Asian music community – the first to pave the way for Asian artists in the rap and hip hop lane. $tupid Young’s parents experienced refugee camps after fleeing the Killing Fields and Khmer Rouge in Cambodia; Star2 was born in Mae La refugee camp in Thailand after his family fled the brutal Burmese Army committing genocide and targeting Star2’s ethnic mountain tribe –the Ka-ren of Burma.

“6 Ft. Away” is a burlesque style song with a hip hop twist. “I want more Asian artists to win,” says $tupid Young. He has collabed with Star2 on a six track EP due out in March with features from MB Nel, Chinatown Runner, Gee Kade, and Lil Poppa. The two will promote their EP with a tour beginning in April. 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Absolute - "Where You Wanna Be"

Austin, Texas rapper Absolute presents "Where You Wanna Be", the JCaspersen-produced single from Absolute's new album The Reaper (listen to the album). Writing his first album at the age of sixteen, Absolute first broke out with his single "Hello" (stream on Youtube). Absolute describes his new single as "An aspirational relationship type vibe. Where two people compliment each in all they do.” "Where You Wanna Be” from The Range of Life Music is out now on all platforms.


Bezzle (@Flawless_Bezzle) - "The Pose" (Video Trailer)

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Trapstar Jolene - "Beyoncé’s Cousin" (EP)

Let’s welcome a NEW independent artist, who is falling in the footsteps of her BIG Cousin!  “Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter” is the biggest Business Woman and Pop-star of our time. And “Trapstar Jolene” is a businesswoman and upcoming Pop-Rap sensation. 

Jolene recently self-released her first musical project honoring “Beyonce”, which was called “Beyoncé’s Kousin”. It was released September 7th, 2022 . A couple days after Beyoncé’s 41st birthday. The 5 song EP was a dedication to her fans, which was her efforts to identify her personality and lifestyle.

Trapstar Jolene has been charting in the Top 100 for “Pop Rap” in Russia. 

The benefit of being “Beyoncé’s Cousin” doesn’t necessarily grant her V.I.P access to rooms or A1 treatment. She’s earning her spot! Beyoncé motivates her to work harder and prove herself exactly how she has done. Meanwhile, Trapstar Jolene is managing her own music career up under her own label.  She’s currently in the process of relocating to Moscow, Russia. That’s where she plans to build her company.

Follow Trapstar Jolene:




Monday, February 6, 2023

BlackLiq x Ohbliv - "Rhyme" (Video)

"You know you love this music game when you find yourself outside at 5AM in 30 degree weather to shoot your latest music video"

That's just what he had to do in order to bring this video for "Rhyme" from his new project with producer ohbliv "What Will It Take" into your life. This is the result of hard work by any means necessary, told straight through the ice cold camera of BCMusic1st and the heart of BlackLiq....all in the name of "Rhyme." Enjoy this latest offering from the EP "What Will It Take" with other Richmond, VA native and producer Ohbliv. The project is out now on Man Bites Dog Records at Bandcamp, sold out on 7 inch lathes but CDs and tapes are still available. The EP is also streaming on all DSPs.

Corio - Emotions


Saturday, February 4, 2023

Tyler Loyal - "Back In Dat Mode" (Video)

Balt Getty - "80s Crack Baby" (Animated Mixtape)

Balt Getty presents the animated music video for his "80s Crack Baby" mixtape, produced entirely by Balt and featuring shoutouts from DJ Premier, Scott Storch and Kanye West. The artist, DJ, producer, award-winning actor, director and Purplehaus founder born Balthazar Getty is the son of German artist Gisela Getty and John Paul Getty III. Balthazar entered the mainstream via his role in 1990's Lord Of The Flies, going on to star in David Lynch classics like Lost Highway and the 2017 resurrection of Twin Peaks. Countless DJ gigs around the globe and a string of Purplehaus releases featuring everyone from rap legends Wu-Tang Clan to Latin superstar Asdru Sierra set the stage for the 2018 introduction of his animated alter ego Balt Getty, which first appeared on single “Porsche” (watch the music video) followed by “Retail Therapy”, which attracted Riff Raff for its official remix (Spotify)Balt's silver-haired, gold-grilled, face-tattooed animated avatar takes center stage in the "Crack Baby" video, which comes on the heels of Balt's self-directed music video for "Ugly" (Youtubeand "Sad Boy" (Youtube)"We set out to create the first ever animated mixtape," Balt says about his new project. "The theme is anod to growing up in The Bay during that era."

Three Chillers (Copywrite, Awol One & Kount Fif) ft. DJ Hoppa - "Ain't No Rules" (Prod. by Kount Fif)

Be home by the time street lights were on. Don't eat yellow snow. Look before Crossing. You may have heard these things either mentioned in passing or screamed in your direction depending on who was the aurator. Certain kids sold the other kids flashlights, so they could be out way past the last flicker of the sun. What the kids with the flashlights might have come across, were other kids with candy cigarettes, a boombox blasting out rhymes like "Let the Funk be your guiding light," and "Some got some, I got Nun, like a devout Priest," "Words hurt like the quiet of silence," then "Lord help me not care about the opinion of strangers," and finally that scratch hook "Ain't no rules for this shit called life," which rattles in your head.

Time passes and you find yourself jaywalking, jumping the turnstile in the subway station, touching hot stoves and wearing white way past labor day. Friend, you listened to Three Chillers "Ain't No Rules" and your life is never gonna be the same. This message was brought to you by Three Chillers who are Copywrite, Awol One and Kount Fif. Scratches provided by DJ Hoppa. Three Chillers full album coming this fall on Man Bites Dog Records.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

$lick - "Get Get Go" (Video)

Colorado emcee $lick presents the Wiz Kelly-directed music video for "Get Get Go", the 2and2-produced single from $lick's new album Put It Together. The 22-year-old Denver native has been making what he describes as "thinking man's music" for two years, and takes his inspiration from underground greats like Dilla, Madlib, DOOM and Ghostface Killah. The "Get Get Go" clip comes on the heels of visuals for previous single "Let Me Be" (watch the video on Youtube). He says his new single is "a storytelling demonstration of certain hard decisions that have to be made in order to survive in impoverished situations, and the seven sins that accompany."