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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Three Chillers (Copywrite, Awol One & Kount Fif) ft. DJ Hoppa - "Ain't No Rules" (Prod. by Kount Fif)

Be home by the time street lights were on. Don't eat yellow snow. Look before Crossing. You may have heard these things either mentioned in passing or screamed in your direction depending on who was the aurator. Certain kids sold the other kids flashlights, so they could be out way past the last flicker of the sun. What the kids with the flashlights might have come across, were other kids with candy cigarettes, a boombox blasting out rhymes like "Let the Funk be your guiding light," and "Some got some, I got Nun, like a devout Priest," "Words hurt like the quiet of silence," then "Lord help me not care about the opinion of strangers," and finally that scratch hook "Ain't no rules for this shit called life," which rattles in your head.

Time passes and you find yourself jaywalking, jumping the turnstile in the subway station, touching hot stoves and wearing white way past labor day. Friend, you listened to Three Chillers "Ain't No Rules" and your life is never gonna be the same. This message was brought to you by Three Chillers who are Copywrite, Awol One and Kount Fif. Scratches provided by DJ Hoppa. Three Chillers full album coming this fall on Man Bites Dog Records.

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