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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Edo G Signature T-Shirts from Coolin’ Out

The legendary emcee from Boston, MA. “Edo G” (also known as: Ed O.G.) has a new tee shirt out, and it is dope. The Boston rapper has teamed up with Arizona based clothing company “Coolin’ Out” to bring you one of the freshest shirt lines in recent history. 

Edo G is no stranger to hip hop. Working with the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Guru (#RIP), Masta Ace, Kool Keith, Sean P, and Ill Bill, he has become the hip hop lover’s renaissance man. His career spans over 25 years and still remains a breath of fresh air to even the pickiest listeners. 

His impact on hip hop culture is only rivaled by his own contributions to the music. His words have been sampled by DJs and producers, including artists like Mary J Blige (on her track “Ooh!” which dropped back in 1993 on Mercury Records). That’s why Coolin’ Out wanted to encapsulate his words in silk screened fashion. The quote “You wasn’t down when we was ridin the bus!” has become the mantra of the starving artist. It’s the perfect manifestation of “where were you during the struggle?” - which happens to be the plight of many up-and-coming emcees. 

Coolin’ Out Founder Chuck Huus and Edo G decided to team up on this shirt in hopes to reinvigorate the grind mentality that underground hip hop is known for. The shirt uses a fat and runny marker style font, and is sure to catch the attention of any tee shirt fanatic. The print is on a traditional heavy cotton tee, and the letters pop. There’s also a small Coolin’ Out insignia on the back between the shoulder blades.

Coolin’ Out emcee and host Nick Norris said “The other day I was at the airport, and the TSA checkpoint guard looked at me funny and said, ‘and now you’re about to be on the plane!’ which was a funny take on the shirt. Everyone has something to say about how the shirt makes them feel.” followed by, “What’s better than wearing a shirt that makes people think?”

This shirt is definitely a must for any hip hop enthusiast. It’s high quality and durable, and it’s printed onto a fade resistant tee, so no matter how many times you rock it, it will always look fresh. 

The Coolin’ Out Shop is located in the heart of Phoenix’s art district on Roosevelt Row (610 E Roosevelt St #136, Phoenix, AZ 85004), and is open 7 days a week. But fear not, if you are not in the Phoenix area, you can pick up your commemorative tee shirt online at anytime. 

What is Coolin’ Out?

Coolin’ Out is a lifestyle brand. But don’t get it twisted, they do so much more than just print tee shirts and hats, they are also cultivators of hip hop culture. Coolin’ Out has the strongest roster of DJ’s in the country, boasting DMC Champions like Roli Rho (national) and Les735 (regional). The team also includes: Fact135 (Rhyme and Reason Radio, Blunt Club, Hip Hop House), DJ Akshen, DJ Reflekshin, DJ C-Los, Tricky T (Blunt Club, Motown on Mondays), and others. Artists like the world famous Dumperfoo, and emcees like Nomad Hip Hop, RoQy TyRaiD, and others also hold a strong place on the roster. The team is strong and is supported by legendary hip hop artists all over the world.