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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Goodsir - "Brown Boy Freestyle"


At the center of his world, Goodsir lives and breathes music. Blending melodic beats with silky rap tempos and unapologetic poetic verse, Goodsir’s music bridges dimensions of song and story, making him not only an artist, but an architect of harmony and emotion.

Goodsir’s music strikes with a subtle force, layering stylistic rhythms and beat compositions with cunning lyrical vignettes that really hit different. His music streams into your consciousness like beloved memories, a nostalgic monologue of meticulously crafted cadences. Weaving together timeless themes of romance, success, failure and growth, Goodsir’s vulnerable execution simultaneously reveals his wit and charm—a true reflection of the man behind the mic.

Born and raised an Angeleno, the brazen soul behind Goodsir’s music is Christopher Emilio Grajales. At the ripe age of 12 years old, Christopher began his enduring love affair with music writing songs in his bedroom and teaching himself how to play guitar.

A proud Colombian, Christopher was influenced throughout the early 00’s by an eclectic range of genres including folk, hip-hop, salsa, rock, oldies and R&B. He attributes his coming of age story to the musical peaks and valleys of his youth, from salsa dancing in kitchens with his mother and tias, to discovering true form in legends like Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Hector Lavoe, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Mos Def—and the list goes on.

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