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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

3vd Shares Vibrant New Visual for "My Bad"


3vd has dropped off a new visual for his song “My Bad”, shot by Aesthtx. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and its surrounding areas, 3vd grew up in a house with five other siblings. He began writing when he was only 8 years old and incorporates elements of pop and R&B into his music to create a unique and timeless sound. In addition to writing and performing music, 3vd produces and engineers, something that sets him apart from other rappers his age. “My Bad”, produced by @SavBeats, is a high energy cut with a bouncy feel and charismatic vocals that give the song much replay value. With an energizing vocal performance from 3vd atop invigorating drums, pillowy 808s, and colorful synths, “My Bad” makes for a standout joint from the Ohio artist. The new video, shot by Aesthtx, plays off the song’s retro video game motifs by depicting 3vd giving a charismatic performance in an arcade, equipped with neon lighting. The new video for “My Bad” demonstrates 3vd’s overall creative vision with another cohesive package of captivating rhymes, potent production, and engaging visuals.


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