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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Whoomadethis - "Deep Sea"


Introducing Whoomadethis, a bold and emerging talent from Atlanta, Georgia, who is creating ripples in the musical realm. This aspiring musician distinguishes himself not merely with his unusual pseudonym, but also with his fearless exploration of various music genres. Rather than confining himself within a specific genre, he bravely embraces all, molding a musical signature that is uniquely his own.

Four years into his professional journey in the music industry, Whoomadethis has experienced remarkable growth, both artistically and personally. His musical endeavors serve a dual purpose – they manifest his deep-seated passion for music and also aspire to leave an indelible imprint on the industry, while inspiring his audience, especially his children.

Adopting a mindset akin to the world’s top 1%, rather than aligning with mainstream thought, sets him apart. This attitude nurtures a space for originality and innovation. He skillfully discerns the ever-evolving musical landscape, identifying popular trends yet maintaining his unique identity, a quality he believes is becoming rare in today’s music world.

His initiation into the music industry was spurred by the challenge of becoming a professional producer or artist. This spark, intensified by the birth of his son, fuels his commitment and creativity. His goal to inspire and empower others to achieve their fullest potential is a mission he persistently pursues.

Looking to the future, Whoomadethis envisions being a leading figure in music production, marrying innovative techniques with the traditional essence of music creation. His counsel to budding musicians reflects his own strategy: craft music that deeply resonates with you and facilitates growth, and trust the journey rather than hurrying progress.

Whoomadethis recently unveiled an engaging new single, “Deep Sea”, collaborating with Trey Lawson and Damond Blue. When he felt his album lacked a specific atmosphere, he scheduled another session, aiming to develop a unique sound worth inclusion in his album. The recording process adhered to the principle of letting things unfold naturally, often aided by weed to maintain a relaxed ambiance, devoid of overthinking.

“Deep Sea”, which debuted on March 15, 2023, represents not only a potential step towards mainstream success for Whoomadethis but also a marker of personal growth. The notable lyric by Trey Lawson, “It’s like the Lion is king of the jungle if you don’t grind for it you don’t eat”, encapsulates the themes of ambition, resilience, and survival in the competitive music industry.

When asked about his dream musical collaborations, the Atlanta-born artist demonstrated diverse tastes. Initially, Nipsey Hussle topped his list, followed by Key Glock, and currently, Lil Yachty or Kanye West hold his interest. Prospective collaborations with Big Sean, ASAP Rocky, and Jay-Z for an album also rank high on his list, underlining his unflagging ambitions and commitment to creating exceptional albums.

In closing, Whoomadethis proudly owns the title of certified genius by Oxbridge standards, having skipped multiple grades and enrolled in two different colleges at an early age. As an innovative force in the music industry, Whoomadethis is prepared to leave a lasting mark.

Stream “Deep Sea”

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