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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Anthony D - "Robbin Hoods"


Known as a Creative Director for Layzie Bone & Harmony Howse Ent. Rapper/Vocalist/Videographer/Entrepreneur, Anthony D was born Anthony Darst in Minneapolis MN, 1985. He grew up influenced by a variety of artists and genres ranging from John Coltrane and Motown Funk, to Phil Collins, 2Pac and Bone Thugs & Snoop. Early on, he started creating his own lyrics and freestyles, chasing his dreams as an entrepreneur. Channeling deep and creative ways to express himself through poetic punch-lines and and incorporating the witty style he admires from Eminem, Anthony D is known to have much more meaning to his music and videos combined. Anthony D, the owner of Magic Film Maker (a professional video company), also a videographer & past DJ.

Expressing his creativity through video and music allows him to hit his music From a visual aspect . “Reverse” for instance, is a song he did and the entire video is in reverse, literally. He later explained that he actually filmed and edited the entire video before even writing the song just so he could capture the concept "for those crazy enough to figure it out” he says. “Cindy” where the heavy-hitting beat is accompanied by lyrics and a wicked video of his version of Cinderella or “Cindy” for short.

Chasing his dreams he’s recently worked his way all the way up to collaborating with his idols and filming on tour with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, filming projects for Celebrities like Damion Hall, Dennis White, NLE Choppa, Dizzy Wright, DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, Mod Sun, Pretty Ricky, J. Holiday, Tone Loc etc.! He’s currently working on a new album chasing 10+ of his favorite legends called “The #HitList”!

You will find a wide variety of music that he creates from slow and smooth to island vibes or even a stadium anthem, his latest addition to his annual Christmas Magic is a music video called “Robbin Hoods” Where he proceeds to set up a robbery of the most Christmas themed hot pink Victorian mansion where the kids hot wire the G-Wagon! . He also submitted a captivating visual for Snoop Doggs cereal! Anthony D will not disappoint.




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