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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Suga Free & Sporty ft. Mitchy Slick - "Get Cha Mind Right" (Video)

Pomona's own Suga Free is back with a fresh new music video for his latest single, "Get Cha Mind Right," alongside the relentless style of "Sporty" and featuring the iconic San Diego OG Mitchy Slick. This visual takes viewers on a journey through the heart of California, showcasing the raw and authentic essence of West Coast hip-hop.

"Get Cha Mind Right" shows fans Suga Free's enduring influence in the hip-hop scene. Known for his distinctive flow and unapologetic lyrics, Suga Free teams up with the West's Sporty and Mitchy Slick to deliver a track that is both a celebration of their roots and a powerful statement on the hustle and grind that defines their music.

From the streets of Pomona to the corners of San Diego, "Get Cha Mind Right" is a visual feast that highlights the gritty realism and unbreakable chemistry of West Coast hip-hop, after you watch the video tap in with the artists via their socials below 

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