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Monday, December 11, 2023

Drew Verdé shares vivid new release, "Wake Up Call"


Drew Verdé has dropped off a new song called “Wake Up Call”, accompanied by a fresh video. Produced by Jake Bass, this new single features sharply-crafted songwriting, vivid instrumentation, and a potent, cohesive music video that make “Wake Up Call” a release to truly pay attention to. The dynamic track features bright guitar layers drifting above a rich, engaging rhythm section, while Verdé delivers memorable vocal melodies and sleek verses that inflect hip-hop flows with melodious tinges. The new video matches the song’s exuberant, lively feel, with an energizing performance from Verdé and poignant dance choreography. Demonstrating the full creative vision of Drew Verdé, “Wake Up Call” makes for a solid new offering. 

Drew Verdé is a versatile and multi-talented artist, being a videographer, director, studio engineer and logo designer. His songwriting and sound is very versatile, with Verdé injecting elements of hip-hop, R&B, rock, and more into his music- while staying true to himself with each record he creates. He had a rough upbringing in Detroit, with a family of addicts including his mother and father, and he first used music as his escape when overstimulated in his household, and as a way to express and release his emotions. His most recent single is called “Wake Up Call” produced by Jake Bass, and with bass by T-Money Green, a vibrant, powerful song made for the mother of his child.

Watch the new music video for “Wake Up Call” here and be sure to connect with Drew Verdé on social media for updates regarding new music and more.

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