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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

GoodGirlPR, HipHopCloset, AllHipHop, and The Oracle Media Produce Legendary Night

A unique, legendary fashion show took place from a collaboration of GoodGirlPR, HipHopCloset, AllHipHop, and top production company The Oracle Media. This distinctive event celebrated half a century of hip-hop fashion, capturing the attention of hip-hop and fashion influencers.

“The event finally came to fruition as a truly unique and special occasion, celebrating both the rich history of hip-hop and the fashion that has evolved alongside it,” describes Nickie Robinson, Founder of GoodGirlPR.

The fashion show took place in Brooklyn, New York, which is known for being the birthplace of many hip-hop legends and a central hub for hip-hop culture. Its location added genuine authenticity and relevance to the occasion. The luxury car brand PORSCHE was the chosen partner for the event, adding a touch of luxury. 


Chuck Creekmur, the founder of the iconic hip-hop website, stated, "Hip-hop and fashion are intrinsically linked, and it was a joy to celebrate the culture and the remarkable style that has emerged over the past 50 years."

Hip-hop legends like Pete Rock and Steele of Smif-N-Wessun (Cocoa Brovaz) attended the event, reminding attendees of the clear connection between hip-hop and fashion. Their presence combined with the participation of fashion influencers and bloggers along the runway emphasized the significant influence of hip-hop on global fashion trends.

DJ T. Boogie played a diverse blend of hip-hop music. Attendees savored the taste of Bartenura cocktails while admiring models styled by Khalilah Clark on behalf of HipHopCloset.

The event also celebrated the 25th anniversaries of HipHopCloset and AllHipHop,  Being apart of the collaboration demonstrated their strong influence and contributions to hip-hop culture.

Kyiesha Kelly, the owner of HipHopCloset, reflects, "This year, we are marking 25 years of business and five decades of hip-hop. This fashion show was our tribute to the culture and the iconic moments we've shared over the years. It was crucial for us to present the clothing in a genuine and relatable manner, highlighting the luxury aspect of hip-hop fashion."

The event was a perfect blend of music, fashion, and celebration of important anniversaries. The memorable night brought together hip-hop heads, fashion lovers, and industry insiders to honor hip-hop's rich legacy and its influential role in shaping global fashion trends as we approach the fourth quarter. 

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