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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Onna44 ft. Nae - "Throw it Back"


Onna44, hailing from Detroit, is an accomplished rap artist who recently unveiled a fresh composition titled “Throw it Back.” This latest musical creation serves as an exemplary representation of Onna44’s artistic essence, encapsulating a wide array of influences and showcasing a distinctive and dynamic aesthetic in its production. The meticulously crafted sound of the music achieves a harmonious equilibrium, immersing listeners and effectively showcasing the artist’s individuality while effortlessly forging a connection with the audience.

“Throw it Back” by Onna44 is a meticulously produced and expertly executed release that warrants considerable attention. Particularly if one is a fan of acclaimed artists like Future, Drake, Big Sean, and Soulja Boy, among others, this track deserves a spot on the twerk scene In light of some of the previous dance song classics Dance(A$$), Back That Azz Up, Bandz A Make Her Dance, Freak Hoe, and Donk . Onna44 shares a similar trailblazing spirit as these artists and hit records, and “Throw it Back” stands as a remarkable calling card for this burgeoning talent on the rise.

Find out more about Onna44, and listen to “Throw it Back” Onna44 Feat. Nae. This release is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services out there.


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