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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Heartbreak Homie shares genre-bending new project, 'Social Butterfly'


Chicago standout Heartbreak Homie has shared a brand new album, titled Social Butterfly. Heartbreak Homie is a versatile artist from the southside of Chicago. The self proclaimed popstar prides herself on her writing skills, song making skills, ability to change her cadence and flows at the drop of the dime. As a true hip-hop lover, Heartbreak mostly delivers a melodic rap but always manages to sing and give her fans a ballad, deep R&B cut or pop hit. Inspired by greats like Michael Jackson, Drake, Chance the Rapper and Beyonce, Heartbreak makes it a priority to remain vulnerable in her music and give the listeners something they can smoke to. She also obsesses over fashion, film and dance. Her latest offering, Social Butterfly, is a vivid, diverse offering that finds the multi-talented artist flirting with hip-hop, rap, R&B, dance, and more.
Social Butterfly opens with the poignant “Monarch Moon”, a vivid track that utilizes a synth-laden soundscape and infectious, dance-influenced rhythm section to an electrifying effect. Underscored by flourishes of electric guitars, Heartbreak shines as a vocalist with butter smooth lines that split the line between hip-hop and R&B. She follows up “Monarch Moon” with a dynamic track in “Off With They Head”- a hard-hitting hip-hop banger featuring booming production and razor sharp flows. Taking on an aggressive tone and showcasing Heartbreak’s versatility opposed to opener “Monarch Moon”, “Off With They Head” makes for a sleek Chicago-style banger. “Summertime”, with Gloskino, presents a project highlight with buoyant production and earworm flows. “Tough Love” slows the pace down and provides further diversity with a moody, bass-heavy track that takes on a hypnotic sound. Closer “Today” finishes the album with a warm and present sound centred around immersive keys and memorable vocals from Heartbreak, to culminate the project in a focused, meditative fashion.
Take a listen to Heartbreak Homie’s potent new album Social Butterfly and further familiarize yourself with this Chicago up-and-comer.

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