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Friday, August 11, 2023

LokkisKott - "Deep Inside"

Australian Singer Songwriter LokkisKott has released the unabashedly angst-ridden new single "Deep Inside", out now on digital platforms. The intensely personal song showcases acoustic guitar layers beneath the heavy Alternative and Gothic influences shaping LokkisKott's dark, confessional vocals and lyrics. Fans of singers like Chester Bennington or Corey Taylor's more melodic output, as well as bands like Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. should appreciate the emotional rawness on display here.

"I created the artist name "LokkisKott" from my first and middle names, Lachie and Scott. I capitalized the "K" in LokkisKott to make the double meaning of "Lokki's Kott", i.e., "Lachie's Cot", referring to my baby cot, where my 'inner child' now rested."

Hailing from Goulburn, New South Wales, LokkisKott is the solo creative vehicle of multi-talented musician Lachie Alford, whose interests in cinema, theatre, story writing and expressing life experiences fuel his song craftsmanship and creative process. Ultimately, this project is guided by its founder's own personal philosophy.

"Life is too short for regret. Take notes on what lights that fire in you, and have the courage to go after it! Everything you need will be on that path."

Lachie goes on to discuss the inspiration behind this atypically revealing and powerful debut release. 

"For Deep Inside, I wanted to create something unique and powerful that would 'whoa' the listener, but wanted room for growth as well. I feel like there is a lot of exciting potential, and I'm driven to keep that fire lit!"

A self-taught artist, LokkisKott has always had an ear for music, with his first real connection being forged with the almighty AC/DC, followed later by Slipknot and Linkin Park. His fascination with music came both from his upbringing and his life experiences through school and beyond.

"Towards the end of high school, I became interested in vocals. I'm unsure where it started. However, my biggest influence was Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, which I became a serious fan of. When I was younger, I remember "What I've Done" in the Transformers movie. I spent a long time trying to find who it was. In the 2003 movie, "S.W.A.T", I heard that part of "Figure.09" and liked the sound, wondering who it was. I think the natural power and character drew me to Chester's voice. It has a unique balance of angst and soothing which was an eye-opener. Linkin Park's diverse sound and Chester and Mike's duo also ignited my passion. Later, I got their Meteora album along with the others. When I heard "Somewhere I Belong" and "Figure.09", I was stunned, recognizing them from childhood."

"Deep Inside" was originally written while LokkisKott was in his early teens, only to be honed and perfected for the right time to produce and release.

"I thank everyone from my encouragers, the recording, mixing, mastering, and photography support, the Instagram hands who have helped with promotions, to all the future help for my musical journey. Deep Inside was a firecracker of a journey, and you were all a part of that. I have this memory forever!"

"Deep Inside" was released on March 31st.

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