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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Hoodlym & Catch to Drop New Hit Single "Ball4Me"


Ball 4 ME single dropping 24/8/23

"BALL4ME" Hoodlym x Catch
Produced by Off The Chain Beats
Will be available on all major streaming platforms

We had the pleasure of reviewing this song and and must say its one for the ballers and it has the potential to be a hip hop basketball anthem in fact we could easily hear this on an nba2k backing track or being played in-between half time during a BIG 3 court session.

We found Ball4me/postmalone to be an up beat hard hitting bass driven hip hop track with a repetitive catchy laid back hook that sticks into your head. Be careful it's contagious and will have you wanting to play the song over and over again. The clever use of basketball game time audio subtly inserted throughout the song immerses you In the game time experience from the crowd cheers to the final ref whistle the entire song is a tribute to basketball hip hop culture

Both verses 1st verse by HoodlymNZ 2nd verse by Catch both verses feature clever basketball themed bars and witty word play staying true to the topic at Hand the song is titled ball4me/postmalone as a homage to post malones love of basketball where he is often seen sitting courtside rocking many different teams attire and the heavy presence that basketball has in the 50 years of hip hop culture to this very day and for many more decades to come

BALL4ME/Postmalone ft Hoodlym NZ x Catch

Available on all streaming platforms 24/8/23

Produced mixed mastered recorded
@ off the chain studio


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