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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Glassface Shares Forward-Thinking Release "Whatever"


Multi-disciplinary artist Glassface has caught our attention for his latest release, titled “WHATEVER”. The poignant, expressive offering showcases his focus as a songwriter as well as his vision as an overall creator, with a DIY approach that hooked us in from the get-go. The atmospheric track utilizes watery synths and immersive percussion alongside sleek, infectious vocals to create a shimmering soundscape full of color. It’s a psychedelic head-trip of a record that blends various genres together cohesively and enticingly, producing some of Glassface’s most captivating work to date. The video, created by Glassface himself, portrays surreal, riveting shots that use saturated coloration and futuristic editing to capture the song’s abstract, colorful feel.

Seamlessly swerving between different art forms, Glassface writes, records, performs, and produces all of his own music. As a multi-disciplinary artist, he’s carved out a unique lane for himself in a constantly evolving industry. His latest release, “WHATEVER”, is nothing short of stellar and continues to excite us as far as his output this year.

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