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Friday, March 24, 2023

Faith Marie releases "More Than I Am"

Singer-Songwriter Faith Marie, has released her single “More Than I Am,” today. Released in collaboration with the label UUin, “More Than I am” is the perfect chapter to close out her debut EP. Written by Faith, “More Than I Am” is about the process of allowing yourself to let go of your inner demons. She elaborates; “up until now, this EP has been about delving into my darkness, whereas this single expresses how it was a struggle for me to let go of my demons because I was worried it was the only thing that made people connect with me. If I lost that, I wasn’t sure who I’d be. I built a whole world on this darkness and I felt like healing was betraying that, but the truth is, I’m so much more than my
darkness as well as my healing. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and forget that no matter what you believe, we are truly a part of this infinite universe and we’re not tied to any sort of emotion or anything for that matter. Remembering that from time to time can really put things into perspective and help to have deep self-compassion.”

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