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Friday, October 4, 2019

@lilbossy_elise OUTSIDE THE LINES interview @jcrewsmusic

Where are you from and how was it growing up there?

I was born and raised in North Tulsa Oklahoma. Turley to be exact a neighborhood notorious for hard drugs and gang violence. Home life was good .We struggled with utilities being disconnected normal shit for that environment but my momma was wonder Woman god bless her soul through out all the turmoil she managed to pay off her home before my senior year!!

How would you describe your music in 3 words?


Which song by an artist other than yourself is your theme music right now?   

Victory lap by Nipsey hustle feat Stacey Barth  THE MARATHON CONTINUES

Many Rappers have rituals before getting creative in the studio, how do you set the mood before recording?

NO rituals really I go off the vibe no blunt smoke that's my worst enemy when recording lmao

What was the last rap album you actually streamed and why?

Blacc zacc : "trapping like zacc" i streamed his project because i can relate to some of the things he raps about and I love upcoming independent rappers especially from the south 

Where did your name J CREWS come from? 

First name Jamel last name crews lmao all the way real wit it!!

Can you break down your favorite 4 bars that you ever wrote and tell us the story behind them?

"Luv to c me fall off hate to see me make it 
we come out the same hood tell me why you hating 
that bullshyt ain't good that aint how they raised us 
open up eyes homie are you ain't gone make it" 
: p.a.n. from the J Crews Virgo ep 
These lyrics stem from a situation were I saw a childhood friend give the cold shoulder as soon as i got serious about my craft and my family life sometime people hate to see you grow if there not growing even the ones closest to you! Keep ya eyes open!

What are your top 5 albums? 

Rick Ross: port of Miami
Ugk: underground kings
Jadakiss: kiss the game goodbye 
Jay z: the blue print 1
50 cent:get rich or die trying 

Thank you for accepting our interview, do you have any new projects we should look out for?
 Yes I do, 2 new singles one feat classik musik ant the the other features PG two talented singers out of Dallas Tx  I am also dropping "heart of a hustler" in March 2020 
And check out my latest project VIRGO

Can you tell us what you consider to be essential attributes to make a rapper GREAT? Lyrics, delivery etc. we would love to know what your take on that is?

Delivery may be most important it's not what you say but how you say it. The beat has to have that vibe. And as a rapper you gotta be authentic what ever you rap about people have to see it in you or on you when they take there first glance perception is every thing,sadly these days lyrics come last SMH.
Who are your top 5 rappers DOA?

The jacka
Nipsey hussle 
Lil tunchi (lil wayne)

What are your thoughts on the current NFL deal with Jay- Z controversy? 

I feel that Jay z will make good of this agreement. I think people forget about roc nation as a sports agency, they represent a lot of players I believe with this new agreement the players and there demands will be heard and met but it will take  time it's not gonna  happen over night 

Do you have any words for up and coming artists getting into the music business?

Have money have heart and grind smart lotta scams out here!

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