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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Common & Monta Ellis visit youth at Oakland's YMCA

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  1. I as a black woman really appreciate seeing a man like Common giving back to the community. Some rappers talk about what they have may it be cars,clothes are hoes. I am sick and tired of that. Common is not just a rapper he is hip hop. He is showing what it truly means to be a black man doing well and uplifting our people. Even in his music he is teaching us how to be better in this world. Maybe I'm biased because I bought his book. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. I bought his albums. I watch his show Hell on Wheels and watch his movies. But, this beautiful black man is amazing in my eyes. I wish I'd see more of this in other men. I truly am amazed by who he is. Much love for you Rashid aka Common. You made me a dreamer and a believer. Keep bringing that positivity to this world. You shine so bright. I just hope one day I can meet you and tell you how inspired I am by all the good things you do.